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Planning Sound Systems Needs for Your Event

Amplification (watts) & speaker size selection for your event depends on intended use (PA, background music, dance music) and space (area, volume) coverage needed.  System information provided below identifies the suggested guest number and coverage area of our sound systems.  Price is for pickup on a 24-hr-rental (pickup Saturday morming return Sunday morning). For early pickup (night before) or late return (same day) add 5%).  For 2 day rentals add 15%, for 3 day rentals add 25% to 1 day rental price.

Sound Systems (includes cables)

PA & Listening Music Systems

Systems for presentations, background music & karaoke

P1: Behringer 15" Powered D215: $99

550w powered speakers with 2 channel mixer

Covers > 2500 sf ~ 400 guest max

P3: Samson Expedition XP308i: $63

300w 8 ch mixing-amp with 2- 8" speakers

Perfect for karaoke or live performance duo

Covers 1000 sf ~ 90 guests

Dance Level Sound (add speaker stands: $10)

D2: Pair 12" Powered Speakers w/ mixer: $87

800w B212a active spkrs w/2-mic input mixer

< 800 sf capacity ~ 75 guest max 

D2a: D2 + 1 EON518s: $165

covers 1400 sf capacity ~ 135 guest max 

D3: Behringer 15" Powered D215: $99

550w powered speakers with 2 mic input mixer

Covers > 1400 sf ~ 125 guest max

D3a: = D2 + 2 EON518s: $255

Covers > 1400 sf ~ 300 guest max

S1: Add pair JBL Eon 518s to D4 to D6: $155

1000w rms powered subs 


New Elite Sound  - Higher Level Performance

E1: JBL PRX 615 Package: $159
Pair PRX 15" mains w/stands (1000w RMS) Yamaha 10 channel mixer

E2: = E3 + Pair 18" Subs: $339

JBL Prx 615 + Eon 518s  2000w

covers ~ 5000 sq ft up to 500 guests

B212a Pwr Spk
400w 12"

Mixers, Mics, Players & Music (price w/o sound rental)

A. Mackie ProFX12: 12 channel mixer: $32

B. Soundcraft 124FX 4-mic input mixer: $27

C. Yamaha MG102C 4-mic mixer: $24


E. Soundcraft 6 channel 2 mic in mixer: $15

F. Numark single CD/MP3 Player w/effects: $20

G. Wired* mic w/ mic cord: $9; $17 for 2

H. Sampson Airline 77 wireless: $32

I. AT 700/702 wireless lapel mic: $35

J. Samson 55 wireless head phone mic: $24

K. Shure wireless PGX24/with SM58 or Beta: $45

L AT 2000 series wirelss handheld: $38

M. AKG Mini-duo (2) wireless HH mics: $37

N. Coby DVD w/screen; USB, CD/mp3 Player: $12

O. Music (4 hrs on jump drive or disc): $35

Q.1 Music (4 hrs w/mp3 player): $42

P. Custom music (4 hrs on jump drive or disc): $65

Q. Straight Mic stand: $5  Premium or Boom Std: $9

R. Pair spkr stds: $15 w/o spk; $10 with rental

S. Nady Portable WA120 PA w/wirless lapel: $22

S,1. Battery powered WA 120 portable: $41

*:Wired hand-held mics:Fender, Sennheiser (822s) & EV (PL44) @:$9

Shure SM58 wired handheld and EV PL80a @$11

B215D 15" - D3
550w power speaker

JBL Eon 518s 500w
18" Powered Sub

300w Complete PA
Samson Expedition: $59

BYODJ Speakers & Amps

JBL 515PRX powered bi-amp 500w 15" spkr sys

Behringer B212a active 2-way 400w 12" spkr sys

Behringer D215 550w powered speaker/mixer

JBL Eon 518s 18" 500w active subwoofers

Expedition XP308i: 300w power mixer w/2 8" speakers

12 channel FX Mixer
Mackie Pro12FX

NEW DELIVERY SERVICE  Limited delivery and pickup services available. The cost is about $1 /mile round-trip for delivery + $35 setup + $35 pickup.. $250 min rental for delivery. Delivery only available in VA within 15mi of Herndon (20171) based on availability.  Call 202-641-2063

DJ45rpm is the Official 1-800-DiscJockey for Metro Washington (VA & MD)

Professional DJ Systems: $439 CDJs not rented separately, must rent entire system


System 1

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Professional Multi-Media Players (2)

Rane TTM 57SL Performance Mixer with Serato Scratch LIVE Software

Pair Mackie 450 SRMV2 Powered Speakers on Stands

Wireless Microphone


Price Includes delivery, setup and pickup up to 5 hours (setup to end)

Delivery to locations w/in 35 mi of Chantilly (20152). Additional sound, lighting and time at extra cost.

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