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The Gobolaser 550RB is the hottest event light in the USA! Available only at BYODJ.
Click the pic, then click watch on video

B YODJ Designed Blacklight
4-ft verticle true Blacklight
Red/Bue Gobo Laser
Click for info & display $83
Storm FX Laser
Taken at our Studio


Storm FX
Click to see on UTube: $57

BYODJ Event & Party Lighting
I.1.NorthStar rotating head color wash (108w): $89
L1: Swarm 4 LED mirror ball effect $85 pair with std
L2: Vue 3.1 + Revo4 LED Moonflower: $95 pair with std

LED-Color Changers, Washlights, Uplights
L3: Blizzard Q12A RGBA 120w uplight panel 2-pck: $99
L4: Slim Par 56 LED RGB uplight: 4-pack: $87
L4.1 Slim Par 56 LED RGB uplight: 10-pack: $199
L4.2 Slim Par 64 LED RGB uplight: 6-pack: $149
L5: Par 64 LED RGBY battery powered uplight: 4 pack: $129
Effects Lighting
L10: Chauvet Shadow LED blacklight pair covers 800 sf;:with std $72
L11: EBK 400: 400w blacklight canon with std: $69 (covers 2,000 sf)
L11.1 ADJ Eco UV 18 watt LED blacklight covers 600 sf.: $40
L12  4-foot vertical black light stand (pair (covers 600 sf): $73
8 368nm Fluorescent ultra blacklight in free standing towers
L13. Proton Star 750w/1500w Power Strobe: $39
L14: Chauvet 75w Technostrobe: $17
L15: 12in Mirror Ball & turn motor $19
L15.1: LED Pin Spot (for mirror ball) $9
L17: Epson 2600w LCD Powerlite Projector: $125
LASERS (ans std if needed)
L17: UFO RGB Quad 750mW: $129
L18.1 GoboLaser 550mW Red Blue Firefly Grating Laser: $78
L18.2  FlyLaser RGX 160mw DMX/sound scatter laser: $39
L18.4  300mW red+green 2 tunnel beam laser: $65
L18.5  Chauvet Scorpion Storm FX Laser: $57
L18.7 DL55 2-red+2-green 250mW 4 tunnel laser: $879
L18.8 Shinp 1200mW RGB IDLA amination laser: $179
LIGHTING STANDS (w/light rental)
L19: 12 ft lighting stand (100 lb) $14
L20: 12 ft crank lighting stand (150 lb) $17
L21: 9 ft light stand $12
L22: OSS 10 ft lighting truss: $47
L23: ADJ Duratruss 10 ft truss: $92
add cross arms to L19&20: $3 ea
Lighting Effects w/rental
L24. MBT HZ300 Hazer: $73
L25. H1300 Fogger: $38*
L26. H900 Fogger: $21*
*foggers & hazers come with 6 oz of juice.
BYODJ has the most awesome selection of uplighting, lasers and blacklighting for rent in Metro DC.
L33: Obey 70 512 Channel DMX Controller: $24 + dmx cable 

Pair @ $90 w/std

ADJ Revo4
$99 w/Vue3.1 & Stand

Featured Lighting Company in Chantilly on Gig Salad

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BYODJ offers the bestlaser lighting & blacklighting in Metro DC, SableLux T8 perfect flourescents and Hg vapor blacklight canons.  Our laser light shows have no rival.  Call us at 202-641-2063 or email: