100 Things About Me




1.                  I had light blonde hair as a child.Now it is dark blonde or light brown.I once swore that I would never dye it.I dyed it but it is now and will remain ďnaturalĒ.Itís too much trouble to keep up with the coloring.

2.                I hate mushrooms.

3.                I have a BEEP degree (Bachelorís of Engineering in Engineering Physics) and a MS in Technology Management.

4.                I donít use any of my education as a stay-at-home Mom.

5.                I currently drive a Honda Pilot.

6.                I watch too much TV.

7.                I usually read fiction but I have enjoyed some non fiction books.

8.                I used to get ear aches and nose bleeds all the time as a child.

9.                Iíve worn glasses and/or contacts since the third grade.

10.            I wore braces in high school.

11.             I love my iPod.

12.            I usually forget to carry my cell phone.

13.            Iím a middle child.

14.            I swore I would not have a middle child.

15.            My middle child is a boy.

16.            I donít mind being alone.

17.            I enjoy going to knitting shows/stores/conventions by myself.

18.            My first job after college was working on a missile defense system.

19.            I have a room in my house that I call the ďLibraryĒ (and it doesnít have any plumbing fixtures in it.)

20.          I like to watch scary movies and read scary books.

21.            As a child I liked to read scary books and often ďplannedĒ to finish them during the wee hours of the morning in order to scare myself.I liked the adrenaline rush.

22.          I donít wear nail polish and donít like to wear long nails although I have tried it.

23.          I only wear makeup for VERY special occasions.

24.          I like knitting more than the computer but I spend more time on the computer.

25.          I learned to type and write shorthand when I was in high school

26.          I donít remember any shorthand.

27.          I started learning sign language after my third (and last) child was born.

28.          All three of my children know several signs.

29.          I once did a science project during Jr. High School called ďFuturistic EnergyĒ.I won honorable mention in the NYC-wide competition.

30.          When I grow up I want to own a yarn store and be a knitwear designer.

31.            I started a neighborhood stitching group in 2001.

32.          We get together every Thursday night.

33.          I let my kids stay up until midnight on New Yearís Eve.

34.          They are now able to outlast their parents.

35.          I get nervous every time I light my outdoor gas grill.Iím afraid it will explode.

36.          I love my digital camera.

37.          I had lyme disease.

38.          I still have arthritis from it.

39.          I have purchased two houses and sold one.

40.          I have lived in my current home for nine years.

41.            I still have no seating or lighting in the living room

42.          We ďliveĒ in the family room.

43.          The living room contains more books than the ďlibraryĒ.

44.          We donít (often) dine in the dining room.

45.          I canít imagine going through life without being able to read.It makes me sad to think that some people do.

46.          Until I got my craft room I stored yarn in almost every room in my house.

47.          I still have yarn in half of the rooms.

48.          I lost 50 pounds once.

49.          I wish I could do it again.

50.          And again.

51.            I hate housework.

52.          I drink two cups of coffee every day.

53.          Stay out of my way until I get the first one.

54.          I was once told that I have a harsh personality by someone who supposedly knows about such things.

55.          I donít think much of the person who told me that.

56.          I wore Sweet Honesty perfume, by Avon, when I was in elementary school.

57.          I donít wear perfume now.

58.          I donít wear hair spray or gel

59.          I donít wear any jewelry (unless you count my crappy old watch.)

60.          The replacement battery in my watch cost more than the watch did.

61.            I like steak.

62.          After a lifetime of hating zucchini, I just decided I like it this past summer.

63.          But only sautťed with garlic in olive oil.

64.          Iím an okay cook but donít ask my kids to confirm that.

65.          I was captain of my high school and college volleyball teams.

66.          Iíve been told (many times) that Iím too sensitive.

67.          Iíve been to a hypnotist.

68.          She couldnít hypnotize me.

69.          I loved being pregnant.

70.          Iíd do it again if I werenít so old.

71.            Iíd love to have a professional organizer tackle my whole house.

72.          I buy crayons for myself that my kids arenít allowed to use (they have their own.)

73.          I cannot make good felt in my current washing machine.

74.          I have to use my friendís washing machine.

75.          I like to play with Play Doh.I like the smell of it too.

76.          I often stay up until 2am or 3am.

77.          Iím not a morning person. (See number 53)

78.          I have a big ego but very little self confidence.I donít think thatís a good combination.

79.          I canít decide which I like more, rice or potatoes.

80.          I donít try hard enough to keep in touch with old friends.

81.            I have a very strong flight reflex. (You know, fight or flight.)

82.          I used to take piano lessons.

83.          The only song I really ever learned to play was Elton Johnís Your Song.

84.          I can still remember some of it.

85.          I played trumpet in high school

86.          I was the only girl in the dance band.

87.          Iím right handed.

88.          Iím a champion procrastinator.

89.          My right ear has been pierced twice.

90.          My left ear has been pierced three times.

91.            I donít wear earrings anymore but they were fun when I did.

92.          I know how to do a French braid in someone elseís hair.I canít do anything with my own hair.

93.          I like modern rock music.

94.          I donít follow any professional sports but I got excited when the Eagles were in the Super Bowl.

95.          I followed all of the volleyball tournaments in the last Olympics.

96.          My TiVo is filled mostly with childrenís shows.

97.          I can make bread but I canít make a good pie crust to save my life.

98.          I like to take naps.

99.          I get car sick.

100.      I donít plan to go back to engineering but I would like to start a business after my youngest child is in school full time.