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Author Timothy Kent and His Astrophoto Gallery
The telescope pictured is a Celestron CPC 1100.

I just wrote and published this brand new book to introduce stargazers to the fascinating hobby of digital astrophotography and help them easily take their own pictures of the moon, stars, and planets with their digital camera!  It is a great hobby!  Enjoy!
                                                          Author:  Timothy Kent

StarQuest -- A Beginner's Guide to Digital Astrophotography

In the pages of "StarQuest -- A Beginner's Guide to Digital Astrophotography," amateur astrophotographer Timothy Kent shares his passion for imaging the night sky with a digital camera and a telescope. If you have ever dreamed of taking photographs of the moon, planets, and stars, this informative book will help you get started in the fascinating hobby of digital astrophotography.
Written for stargazers who wish to take the next step from viewing celestial objects to photographing them, this 102 page book shares simple straight-forward techniques for using a basic point-and-shoot digital camera with or without a telescope to image the night sky. I also challenge the idea that astrophotography has to be an expensive hobby.
Emphasis is placed on celestial imaging on a "shoestring" budget without having to spend a fortune on expensive astroimaging equipment!!
"StarQuest" is well-illustrated with numerous black/white and color photos, including a gallery chapter featuring some of my best images. Just look at some of the sample images I have included on this page and the "More Astrophotos" link in the Navigation Bar above to show you what can be accomplished with a typical point-and-shoot digital camera.
Some of the practical topics covered in this book include: how to choose a telescope for astrophotography, how to choose a digital camera for celestial imaging, 3 types of astrophotography anyone can try, a project list for beginning astrophotographers, and resource contacts.
So, order your copy of "StarQuest" today either for yourself or as a great gift for a budding astronomer! ISBN 978-1-929148-73-8, Softcover, 102 pages, 6 by 9 inches.


    Take your stargazing to the next level and get into astrophotography!!  

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What makes "StarQuest" unique?
The book:
  • is written for beginning astrophotographers in an interesting, easy-to-read, non-technical style!
  • is written for the "budget-conscious" astronomer with an emphasis on imaging the sky with basic equipment at minimal cost!
  • describes how to access FREE web resources such as a powerful image processing program that will greatly enhance your astrophotos!

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Timothy Kent
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