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Hello, I am EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering and Automation Resource.  I work for the Keast family 24X7, 365 days a year.  I control the house and make life easier for them.   I bring the latest in technology to their fingertips based on things they need.  I also provide other services including multi-media and security.  If you are interested in home automation or just want to see what this is all about please take a peek at what I can do!

Edgar as viewed on wide screen HD display

EDGAR wiring diagram
EDGAR System of Systems

Ring Ring......a phone call comes in, EDGAR mutes the TVs and Stereo and patiently waits for the Caller ID information to come in.  He then enables the picture in picture on the TV and displays the caller information.  At the same time EDGAR announces the caller details over the Intercom system. EDGAR logs the call and tweets the call information. 
While on the phone the specialized energy saver timer that I have implemented expires and EDGAR turns off all the house lights  because it is during the day and they were left on...gotta be green!

This is just an example of how home automation works in my house with EDGAR.  This site is intended to introduce you to EDGAR.  I have been doing Home Automation a long time and we are still waiting for the Home Automation Invasion.  It is comming, I just don't know when yet!  In any case, I hope you enjoy this site.

Your feedback is most welcome!  Check out my contact details on the Nav bar!