Short Bio

Here's a brief view of where I was and who I was... this may be of some use to someone someday, or not. It's not a deterministic universe, now is it?

1950s - born in Denver CO USA, moved to Bayonne NJ very early. Catholic grammar school, St. Joseph's School. Hearing gospel singers in a church on W. 20th St., Buddy Holly dies, my mother listens to Frank Sinatra.

1960s - finish grammar school, hear Beatles, learn bass and join first group (New Life). High school at St. Peter's Prep, Jersey City, first acting in plays, first songwriting efforts, National Merit Scholar 1968, enter Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

1970s - Finish Rutgers (BA English 1972), travel cross country twice, begin doing ceramics, begin learning keyboards, continue songwriting efforts. Relocate to Boston/Cambridge MA area 1974, write songs for and act in several theatre groups (Caravan, Little Flags, Cambridge Ensemble) including complete original scores for two Brecht plays. Live band is Tres Bien Ensemble, clearly a bias towards togetherness but only in French. Begin work on 'Inferno.'

1980s - Lennon shot, Reagan elected, staging of 'Inferno' falls through... I retire from music and after some time in the theatre business train in high technology, (start as technical writer then move to marketing communications) get married, have two children. 1988 I resume guitar playing and songwriting.

1990s - Continued working in high tech, now all in marketing communications, continued songwriting, revival of ceramics, beginning with tiles but also including useful yet evocative, perhaps, household items, the 'metaphysical objects.' Begin writing essays on popular music that inspired me and the people who made it; many are published and eventually become cited as reference works in Wikipedia and elsewhere. Recording efforts begin with Gary Shane and the Silvertones 'Saddle Up' and continue with my solo works, Resignation, Resolution, and Inferno. Become divorced.

2000s - Begin bachelor father existence, continues in Massachusetts through the middle of 2007. Work as a marketing communications writer/consultant and also writing strategic analyses about various parts of the energy industry. Play live as solo acoustic artist and as rhythm guitarist for the Blowouts. Son Dave establishes himself as singer and actor, stars as Tevya in Holliston High School's 'Fiddler on the Roof.' Dave is accepted to Sarah Lawrence College and we relocate to Westchester County, NY. You are now all caught up.