What I've Done So Far

Much of what I have done and tried to do is lost in the mists of history... back in the day when there was nothing digital, live performances just disappeared, and even when videotaped there was no way to get a hold of them. Who knew one would ever want them? Now of course I do have some old things hanging about in various obsolete media... old reel to reel tapes and cassettes... but they aren't that good and it would be tedious to get them here. Fortunately, I have done a few things during the digital age, so here is a list of things ways you can hear and/or obtain some of my music:

Here is a good place to hear several original songs, some from Inferno and from other places

Buy Inferno at Amazon for fifteen bucks plus shipping... sound samples here too

Write to me and I'll sell you one for ten bucks if you like, an Inferno that is

Now playing: "Pepperland Holiday" demo of a recent collaboration with Larry Pennisi

Some Google searches will turn up interesting things... generally my last name plus the words Inferno, Resolution, Procol Harum will lead to various live adventures and reviews... I could pull things in here for your convenience, but shan't... larger fish to fry, or just lazy? You be the judge.


1994 - Saddle Up CD with the Silvertones, Gary Shane, David Champagne... two songs on there cowritten by me (End of the Line and Wrong Wrong Wrong)

1996 - Resignation, first solo CD

1997 - Resolution, second solo CD

1999 - Inferno CD, partially complete song cycle for stage. Features guitar legend David Brown on lead, and currently I am expanding this to the full length version. It's also available for sale if you want to buy one.

2000, 01 - Two live appearances (both recorded albeit crudely and on limited edition CDs most likely out of print by now) in tribute to Procol Harum, one with David Ball (lead guitarist on Conquistador)

2005 - Live recordings (including a demo CD) with the Blowouts

Beyond what is stated and pointed to here, there are of course various demos and works in progress lying about. If you have some interest and reason therefor, do feel free to write to me, who knows what may happen. It's not a deterministic Internet, is it?