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"Change is another thing that happens like death and taxes. People move in with kids and later (if not moved earlier by their job) move out to their retirement. The retail needs of the area just change over time.

I went to Bonham Elementary in the mid 50's, and I remember Elmwood West shopping center was next door to one of my friend's home. I remember a lot of good times in that center from just going for a haircut to meeting friends in the parking lot when we all had cars.

Just remember, kids, right now is your good old days: enjoy them now and remember them later." - Submitted by Texson66
"Yes, Milanos was the Italian Restaurant on N. 1st, but Sam Milano's original one was on Butternut. I ate my first pizza there. I have not thought about the Chuck Wagon Hamburger place on S.1st in years. Really good as best I remember. I stil think, however, that Mac's squareburgers were the all time best, followed closely by Baum's Broiled Burgers on S. 7th Across from what is now Safety City. I also remember going to the West Texas Fair in Fair Park, now Rose Park, and seeing Elvis at the old Fair Park Auditorium. (From the outside only, couldn't afford a ticket) They had a large round race track for horses and cars near where the Sr. Citizens Bldg. is now. Good Times. The Good old days when cars were cars, and had loud pipes and souped up engines. Didn't have to worry about pollution. Engines run so much better with 14 to 1 compression and 98 octane leaded gas. They burned almost as much rubber as they did gas. Thanks for the memories." - Submitted by HatestheRamps
"Squid, I agree with your opinion of Jamaica Inn. Later in life I met the guy who fried those shrimp. He said there was nothing on them except they were dipped in egg wash, with Sugar in it, and then rolled in bread crumbs. It was that little bit of sugar that made them so good." -Submitted by HatetheRamps

Did you know that the old RR steam engine you speak of in Fair Park is now restored and running on the Texas State Railroad, from Rusk to Palestine." - Submitted by HatestheRamps
"Wow! Great memories of Abilene from long ago! I do want to say that the Metro wasn't run by "two spinsters". The Colemans (husband and wife) and the wife's sister ran the Metro. It was a great place and the Coleman's were the very best "baby sitters" that Butternut neighborhood had. (Now this will really date me) I remember paying 9 cents to sit and watch cartoons all day (it seemed like) on Saturdays! Yes the floor could get sticky on the weekend for sure. Years later I took my two oldest sons there and the ladies took us on a tour of the building and projectors and gave the boys film clips from some movies. The Colemans were great folks!

BTW I am willing to host a "Memories of Abilene" website if there is enough interest. If you have articles about the good old days or photos about Abilene back in the good old days (please indicate the date if possible) contact me at texson66@verizon.net." Submitted by Texson66

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