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 NOTICE !!!!   Verizon has informed us that our website will be permanently shut down on SEP 30, 2014. No updates to this current website will be allowed after March 15, 2014. Verizon will not longer provide websites to their customers after Sep 2014. MSC has established as new website at:

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MSC Stamp Bourse
The Merchantville Stamp Club sponsors stamp bourses at the Temple Lutheran Church on the corner of Route 130 and Merchantville Ave in Pennsauken, NJ. Click BOURSE INFO in the left-hand margin for information. 
 Click  HERE for detailed Bourse directions.
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The next MSC meetings:
                                             Thurs Feb  6, 2014
                                              Wed Feb 19, 2014

The next daytime MSC meeting is Fri Jan 31, 2014

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 The next MSC Bourse will be held at TLC on February 1, 2014

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Methodist Philatelic Society / Sheffield (UK) Philatelic Society 

The Merchantville Stamp Club holds two meetings a month, generally on the 1st Thursday and 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Temple Lutheran Church on the corner of Merchantville Ave and US Route 130.