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About Me

Ken Wong is a comics creator/writer/artist known primarily for his unusual ORIGAMI COMICS (comics printed and presented in folded forms rather than as traditional books or magazines).  His origami comics include PANDORA'S BOX, SCHRODINGER'S CAT, FLEXAGON!, SAM ISO: 2d4, UNSUNG and TAMATEBAKO.  Each is a different shape marrying form to content.
Ken was also a contributing writer to SECRET IDENTITIES, the Asian American Superhero Anthology (The New Press, 2009).
Ken's essay on the significance of the word 'panache' appears in CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED: CYRANO DE BERGERAC (Papercutz, 2010).

For those in the comics community (and especially NYC's comics art scene), my name and face may also be familiar from years of volunteer work at MoCCA, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, where I served over the years as Chief Operating Officer (2003-05), Art Festival Co-Director (2004 & 2005), President (2005-07), and Guest Curator (Stan Lee: A Retrospective, 2007).
Cleverly disguised as marketing maven for a major metropolitan licensing agency ( by day, Wong transforms into a dedicated comics creator, connoisseur, and champion upon returning to his writing/drawing table in Brooklyn each night.

Ken Events

For info about recent or upcoming convention/festival appearances, please visit the Ken Events page.
If you are a convention organizer who would like to invite me to exhibit or speak at your upcoming event, please send me an email with dates and details.  Cost is a factor for me, so free space will really get my attention and shows within a day's drive/ride (say 400 miles) of NYC also have strong appeal.