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Secret Identities

Secret Identities is a graphic novel anthology of Asian American superhero stories.  My two-page humor story "Justified" (written by me with art by Tiffanie Hwang) is included among the dozens of great pieces in this ground-breaking anthology.  The book is published by The New Press and available in stores now.  I will have copies (which I am happy to sign) available for purchase at my convention appearances, but if you just can't wait until then, go ask for it at your local bookstore (if it's not shelved with comics & graphic novels, look for it in the cultural studies / Asian American studies section).


Yep, as soon as I heard they were soliciting stories for this project, I knew I had to be in it.
So, to make a long story short, I submitted a few different pitches and they chose a two-page humor story I'd written called "Justified." 
Although I offered to draw the story myself, the SI editors teamed me up with a talented Californian artist named Tiffanie Hwang, whose drawing style for "Justified" reminds me a little of animator Don Bluth's early work: in other words, perfect for this kind of tongue-in-cheek story.
I'll post more news as I have it, but you can also find out more by keeping an eye on the SI website (
Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology is available in many bookstores and, of course, online through and other fine e-tailers.  I will also have copies available for purchase at any of my convention appearances.  Whether you buy your copy directly from me or get it somewhere else, I am always happy to autograph it for you.