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In the course of human events it becomes inevitable to stand up and take action.  Some actions require the dissemination of information to inform and educate the masses.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is at a crossroads.  First there was tha Mashpee Wampanoag Middleborough Resort Casino that has failed under a February US Supreme Court ruling.  But they and the Aquinnah Tribe of Martha's Vineyard stubbornly and continually attempt to hit the jackpot vying for an Indian run casino in Southeastern MA. 
MA Governor Deval Patrick and the Democrat led House and Senate leadership have passed a gaming law to bring 3 commercial resort casinos and 1 slot parlor.  The battle is continual against such stupidity.
I hope to display and comment upon effectively quotations from various individuals their convictions and attitudes on this pressing subject.  May it educate, inform and entertain you thoroughly. 

If you would like to leave a comment about a particular post, please feel free to e-mail me at, be respectful and sign as how you want to be known and I'll publish your comment.  Posting a comment is 100% my call.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Desperate times for desperate measures.
Cat.jpg"I don't think anybody pressured us into anything.  Did Jerry Maquire 'Show me the money'?  Forget the casinos.  I have nothing coming out of the state other than unfunded mandates.  We're dying out here... We're dying.  We try to drive our own destiny to put together a deal.  We didn't go into this with our eyes closed." - MIddleborough Selectman, Steve Spataro in response to MA State Rep. Tom Calter on the conditions why they signed an agreement with the Mashpee Wampanoags.
What an evening in Middleborough Monday evening?  The BOS invited Rep. Calter to explain his opposition to the Mashpee casino for Middleborough.  Listen to this well spoken and at times animated presentation and conversation here.  Although it was quoted that Middleborough officials were not "pressured" into an agreement, I would have to say they were driven by their own fears to desperately fix the fiscal mess the town was in.  You can gather that from many of the selectmen's comments.  They need money and fast.  It reminds me of a cat being chased up a tree because it is the quickest place to get to when in trouble.  Clawing its way up to save its skin from unfunded mandates and their own lack of fiscal restraint in the past.  "We're dying here!"  Fireman Tom really wants to save the kitty, but the kitty refuses to come down.  Although Tom tries to give them solutions like renegotiating the contract that was signed, that would be for naught.  The Maspees will not renegotiate a new contract.  They already sent their application to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, signed & sealed.  There is no way out for the Middleborough kitty up in the tree.  They are stuck and are deternined that they made the right decision for themselves.  They are driving their own destiny.  No matter how many times they are told the monetary compensation in the agreement is not enough or that the investors are driving the tribe, the BOS will not come down.  I guess the rest of us will have to just cut down the casino tree and hope that Middleborough jumps off before it hits the ground with a THUD!
8:34 pm est

Monday, February 25, 2008

Class II be or not Class II be. That is the Question.

AB:     “Would you folks open a Class II in Middleborough?”

SH:     “Yeah… Absolutely!”

AB:     “Would a Class II actually survive?"

SH:     “If it is done right… It would be built the same way as a destination resort.  Class IIs, the Seminoles in FL, perfect example… With their Class II facilities, they bought the Hard Rock Café, the whole company."

AB:     "I’ve seen numbers like instead of 1.5 billion dollars (Class III), and its 900 million a year, something along those lines."


The preceding is a conversation Adam Bond had with Shawn Hendricks, leader of the Mashpee Tribe, on Bond’s weekly radio program last Thursday.  This is important to take in.  Just some quick definitions.  There are two types of gambling facilities that are relative to Massachusetts and the tribe,  Class II and Class III.  Class II is what is already allowed in MA, which includes lottery, track racing, bingo and other non-house games with an allowance for twice a year charitable “casino nights”.  Class III involves everything i a full fledged casino, one armed bandits (slot machines), roulette, craps, etc.  24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The big difference is the money taken in, most of which would come from the slots, the seniors’ and low income earner’s gamble of choice.  Preferably, the Mashpee want Class III.  That is where the big money is.  Some say it would not be worth the investor’s (Sol Kerzner & Les Wolman) time or money to go Class II, but we’ll just have to take Mr. Hendricks’ word for it.  Until the state passes Class III, it isn’t going to happen for them. Even Deval Patrick’s casino suitors will crawl back into the holes from which they came.  But Class II is important and this is why.  With Class II there is no compact with the state required and no mitigation money is allocated by the tribe to the state (except maybe, state road improvements surrounding the resort).  Therefore, there will be NO MONEY to area communities to mitigate the impacts.  ZERO.  NOTHING.  Mr. Hendricks stated that regardless of the current gambling laws in the state, if the land goes into trust, then there will still be a destination resort on the 500 acres of Middleborough, whether we like it or not.


Land into trust is important.  No land into trust means means no resort casino, Class II or Class III.  Is it good to fight Deval Patrick’s 3 casino plan?  YES!  Commercial casinos or tribal casinos still bring negative impacts that should not have to be mitigated.  But what is of immediate concern to Middleborough, Lakeville, Pympton, Carver, Raynham, Halifax, Taunton, Berkley, the Bridgewaters and all communities within striking distance is defeating the land into trust.  Write the Department of Interior at the addresses above.  Oppose the Mashpee’s land into trust.  It is your community that is at stake.

4:30 pm est

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Impartial Review?
"They're deep in the casino industry and not just on the fringes.  No one can believe they can give a credible and impartial review of the governor's proposal." - Susan Tucker, State Senator Andover
We know Susan, this will not be an impartial review for the Patrick administration.  Read it all here.  Spectrum was THE ONLY BIDDER, so I guess Devalue has to go with them.  Two major clients of Spectrum's are Harrah's Entertainment and the Sands.  The owners of these fine establishments are also looking to catch a piece of the pie here in MA.  There is nothing impartial about this group or the review they will produce.
10:15 am est

My previous two posts have really struck a nerve and has brought me to a particular conclusion.  I was hoping that by striking up the conversation in refuting Brian Giovivoni's numbers on unemployment, that I would have gotten a better response from some others and himself on the Middleboro Casino message board.  Alas, I was wrong.  I was hoping he would have come out and just said that he meant the unemployment figures for Southeastern Mass. and not around Middleboro or New Bedford.  He should have said that in the first place and not continually try and justify what he said does mean Southeastern MA.  Words can be interpreted differently.  An acknowledgement of the remote possibility of that would have been helpful in the conversations that ensued.  If Southeastern MA is what he meant, then so be it.  There is no fault on my part that I took what he said verbatim.
9:33 am est

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Response to my Blog from Brian aka Factfinder.
"I do not frequent the blogs and they will not post this anyways.

Look at the top section and you will see the data by tier.

Here is the data from the Region.  I broke it down and put it in the following order:

Tier 1 - Middleborough Only - 628
Tier 2 - Add Contiguous Towns - 4,390
Tier 3 - Add cities in the region - 16,339
Tier 4 - Add other towns within the region - 24,940
Whole List - Within a 45 minute drive plus the Cape - 54,650

The question is asked many times, who would drive 45 minutes to a job?  The answer is simple, someone who wants one.  People from this area travel to Boston every day.  I have an employee living in Boston commuting to the South Shore for $30K per year and no benefits.

As most may know, I am more than happy to share my data with them.  Maybe if they just ask me for my source of the data.  It would be easier than making themselves appear as they are."

Factfinder, you neglected to mention your own quote, which talked about Middleboro & New Bedford. 

"The ironic thing is when you look at the region around Middleborough or New Bedford for that matter, you are looking at 26,000 unemployed people sitting there today." 

If you meant a 45 minute drive, then say that.  Don't say "the region around Middleboro or New Bedford."  Just admit you said the wrong thing and meant to say 45 minute drive.  Don't change the meaning of region when by your definition Middleboro & New Bedford are in the same region.  Where did 26,000 come from?  You don't get that until after your fourth tier.

As far as sharing information.  Then would you be so happy to send copies of ALL the information from your current and former Casino Impact committees on your casino work to the Regional Task Force and CasinoFacts.  We would love to see it.  You say you have so much information you would love to share, but we never see it.  Now that we know you are happy to share your data.


You can read the entire thread here.

3:28 pm est

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fuzzy Unemployment
"The ironic thing is when you look at the region around Middleborough or New Bedford for that matter, you are looking at 26,000 unemployed people sitting there today." - Brian Giovovani, chairman of the Middleborough Resort Advisory Committee on Adam Bond's radio talk show, 2/21/2008
Brian, where do I begin?  What lever on a slot machine did you pull to get that jackpot number?  Let's just take Middleborough and New Bedford.  According to Mass. Labor & Workforce Development as of 12/07, Middleborough has a total number of unemployed of 628 people.  New Bedford has 3,102.  Total = 3,730.  A far cry from 26,000.  Oh, you said "region".  Okay, how about all of Plymouth County, 11,307 unemployed.  You are short 14,693.  The region is not destitute in any manner, shape or form.  It has a 4.3% unemployment rate.  Those who can and will work do.  You are not going to lower the unemployment rate by filling 7,000 new casino jobs.  The casino will have to import people to work.  No wonder the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is worried about losing their seasonal workers to the casino.  You will up the costs of municiple services by importing more people.  I hope CRAC has that calculation figured out, Brian.  Don't fudge your figures to make a point to suit your purposes.  You and Mr. Bond have the audacity to even mock the low wage workers at casinos thinking that if they don't want to work there for minimum wage, then go find another minimum wage job somewhere else.  How elitist can you get?  Those examples which I and others have blogged are from CT and since there is no economic engine to bring in business from the casinos and the state can't get any other businesses to come near a casino, the casinos are the only place to work in town.  Is that what you want for Middleborough?  Get your numbers straight.
12:13 pm est

Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Economic Engine
Just ask Ledyard, Conn., Mayor Frederic B. Allyn Jr., who governs in the shadow of Foxwoods casino. Beyond the two Dunkin' Donuts shops along Route 2, Allyn said, the 45,000 people who visit Foxwoods daily are "not stopping for anything." - Editorial Board of The Republican 2/21/2008
I guess if you can open up a couple of Dunkin Donuts near your casino, then you can really rake in the dough.  It may not be possible to open another DD in Middleborough.  It would take months to get it approved by the BOS, although it took only weeks to approve a 45,000 visitor per day mega-resort casino.  There is no economic engine.  This opinion in The Republican has it correct.  We have been saying this all along:
There are many reasons why we're opposed to legalizing casino gambling in the Bay State. Casinos impose social costs that are higher than the financial benefits. The greatest gain in casino gambling goes to those who own the casinos, and the greatest loss with casino gambling comes for the people who wager there but who can least afford it - the elderly and the poor. Chasing casinos is like chasing fool's gold.
When will the proponents get some real good advice from those who have and are still living it.  He who fails to learn from history is doomed to repeat it.
4:25 pm est

Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Word Casino Quote


"It sucks." - Charles V. Snurkowski, lifelong Norwich CT resident and former employee of Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos.


Read more about what this guy thinks of his casino experience.


"I worked in both of them. Given the choice I would blow them both up. I never worked so hard for so little."

At Foxwoods, Snurkowski was a cafeteria server, making $7.26 an hour. Then he went to Mohegan, where, as a server, he fed up to 4,000 people a night but still never made $8 an hour. That was six years ago. And, Snurkowski said, he wound up going bankrupt because he also gambled at the casinos.

"Casino gambling is like anything else. You lose more than you win. It's a fun place to go if you can control yourself," Snurkowski said.


Gee!  I thought it was supposed to be great working at casinos.  I thought according to Adam Bond, Middleboro Selectman and Gov. Deval Patrick, that everything can be mitigated away to nothing.  I guess not.  According to this article in The Republican, everything we say about casinos is true.  Nightmare traffic, hot bunking, higher taxes, lousy jobs with lousy pay and over stressed municipalities.  30 foreign languages in one town alone.  What a mess?


Here is a quote that really solidifies why gambling is so much like an illicit drug.


"You kind of forget everything that's bothering you."


Casinos are built to desensitize you from the world.  You become a mess.  The community around you becomes a mess and it only gets worse.

10:33 pm est

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Idol Worship


After hearing the report that the Middleboro Five had to call an emergency meeting to rectify problems of their own creating by not hiring a casino planner that the casino investors would pay for more than 5 months ago, I needed to attend and witness this group live.

I went to the emergency Middleboro BoS meeting with my friend and fellow CFO member Mike Salomeeni (as Marsha Brunelle affectionately called him today).  It was as I thought it would be.  It was a coronation ceremony for Ruth Geoffroy to be Casino Queen and to hire someone else to do her job as town planner.  It looks like it would take months to hire someone, so for now nothing will change.

It was quite a meeting, I must say.  To see the Middleboro Five up there live was quite entertaining.  With the exception of Wayne Perkins, all looked like they just rolled out of bed and in Bond, Adam Bond's case just rolled out of an all night college party.

It was flying monkey heaven.  CRAC (Middleboro Resort Advisory Committee) was there.  The planning board was there and other assorted monkeys.  All were singing Ruth's praises.  Not to put down any past accomplishments or her credentials, but it was a love-fest.  Rarely did they use the word "casino".  It was mostly "resort".

Ruth was first up to speak.  Basically stating, she hates consultants, she wants to be the casino queen and that is why we need someone hired to do her town planning job (with her oversight).  She says the Hekawis (Mashpee Wampanoags) want her to do it.

Bond & Perkins were already sold on hiring the new person and want to vote now.  Marsha says, "No, not yet."  Patrick Rogers states that he looks at the Hekawis as a "developer".  "Good developers."  A developer he "respects".  "I support the project."  He then goes into the possibility that there should be a facilitator to work solely on the resort.  Ruth pooh poohs, I am the "only one qualified".  I want full control.  Bond retorts to Rogers that "the model is already set".  We can't change the model.  Rogers caves and says Ruth will do a great job.

Iron Mike gets up and pleads the case for a separate casino planner, so Ruth can do the job she was hired to do.  The rest of the town will suffer without the proper attention.  Marsha says too bad.  We have already gone over this and have decided differently.  (They didn't even vote yet?  Makes you go, hmmm.)  Ruth states she wants the job.  Bond, Adam Bond goes into full exaltation mode.  Ruth is soooo impressive.  Ruth should be town planner forever.  We should freeze her brain, if she dies, comparing her to Alan Greenspan of town planning.  This project is a stepping stone for her and will look so good on her resume'.  Not only that, she wants the control over the resort planning.  Rogers repeats, Ruth is great.

Steve Spataro asks Ruth if she will get "distracted" from her regular duties, "it is a concern."  Ruth says she will oversee the town, but will be "hands on" with the casino.

A Mr. Brown got up and said there was a conspiracy going on, but was for the project.  Marsha appeared agitated.   Mr. Brown finishes with Ruth is great, but there still is a conspiracy going on.

CRAC member gets up and says Ruth is great, we want Ruth.

Mr. Sylvia states everyone here is great even when he doesn't agree with them.  Ruth is exceptionally great.

Marsha states that this is a "time sensitive project".  We must have better communication between the planning board and the BoS.  We have workshops for the departments to assist with their planning.  Ruth says, she will communicate with the BoS. 

Marsha can't waste any more time.  Let's vote.  It is unanimous to hire someone to do Ruth's job, while she goes all casino.  She is Queen, except when Marsha is.

It was a dog and pony show for Ruth.  It did leave one question unanswered.  Will Ruth be back on CRAC now or will she have to wait for the new hire?  They are months behind on this.  I'm sure the investors are not pleased.

Good luck with that.  I feel sorry for you guys in Middleboro.

E-mail Comments:
Carl, you are too freekin' funny.  Loved your description of the meeting.  I can see it.  I really can.  I watched this goddess worship of Ruth since the beginning.  I could never understand it.  I would tune out and fall into a fuge state as she spoke in her straight forward monotone.  But that's it!  She HYPNOTIZES people!  And just like in those dinner theater acts - some people get hypnotized and do a strip tease while others just order another drink and hope for the moment they can leave and go home.

John writes:                                                                  

Can we freeze Ruth's brain now?

6:58 pm est

Friday, February 15, 2008

Roll Over and Play Dead Quote
“We are against the casino, but we don’t want to litigate it in court. My opinion is being prepared to handle whatever would come.  Raynham is against the casino and I’m against going to court.” - Raynham Board of Selectman Joseph Pacheco
What an immature response to an issue that would affect Boy Pacheco's entire town.  Boy Pacheco is the nephew of State Senator Marc "but for" Pacheco and is the aid to State Rep. David "Chicken Little" Flynn.  They don't seem to be grooming this young pup very well.  The only trick he seems to know is to roll over and play dead.  "Yes uncle, yes Dean, anything you say sir."  He is a continual annoyance on the Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Task Force on Casino Impacts.  He was all in favor of diluting the mission of the Task Force by voting to allow Middleboro to join it.  Middleboro is contractually obligated to defend the casino and the tribe.  He was only one of two in favor.  Kingston was the other.  Everyone knows he favors slots at the Raynham/Taunton Dog Track.  An item clearly pointed out repeatedly at the Task Force by other members.  Get clue Boy and get some teeth.  A Hekawi casino will be the death of the track.
Boy Pacheco is bringing CRAC [The Middleboro (Casino) Resort Advisory Committee] to Raynham for a public meeting to give "another side of the story".  The Taunton Daily Gazette reports CRAC and the Hekawi tribe were asked to be there, but don't expect attendance.  Well, so will CFO.  CRAC, as quoted from a witness at their last meeting, is a mess:
"I loved this meeting, it was funnier than a Charlie Sheen sitcom. They are a complete mess, no direction, no clue what to do!"
Welcome to the CRAC house and were coming to Raynham to sell them some the goods to you too. 
Boy Pacheco should learn to be an attack dog and not a lap dog.  As reported:
“Any impact, we’re going to be advocating quite strongly that the casino has to pay for it.”
How many times must he be told?  The tribe and their investors are going to pay NOTHING to the surrounding towns.  They will not talk to you or anyone else outside of Middleboro.  And, if he thinks the state through some sort of agreement is going to give enough to offset everything, then he is even more naive than he looks and has already displayed.  Beacon Hill is notoriously known for shuffling money off to other parts of the state.  He should even know that as a selectman.  The towns hardly ever get what they need let alone what they ask for.
Can you imagine this 23 year old running the town of Raynham?  Well, that is what is going to happen if the other two other selectman don't decide to change their minds and run for re-election.  God save the Town of Raynham if they don't.  Raynham does not need a puppy as chairman of the board of selectman.
11:27 am est

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Facts to Power Quote

“When we get the facts out about why this casino scheme is a very bad deal for the people of Massachusetts, we’ll win.” - Richard Young, president of Casino Free Mass.

As long as we don't let gambling interests get all the play time and get the truth out about casino gambling, then the facts will prevail.  That is why if you can get enough people together with enough money to hire "Hit Men", then we can beat this whole deal down.  The tide is turning on the PR side of this whole debate.  You will notice that the opposition to casino gambling are starting to more often get the first quotes in the print media and the proponents are last.  For the longest time it was the other way around.  We are increasing and they are deceasing in power.  It is a good sign, but it is not over yet by a long shot. 

I like Steve Bailey's artcle today about how ridiculous the MTA's endorsement for the casinos is.  They should know better from experience.  I only posted what they seem to have forgotten in my previous blog on 2/9.

Anne Wass, president of the teachers union, doesn't put a fine point on it: "We need the revenues for our schools." She calls Anzivino a personnel situation she would rather not discuss; he is inconvenient, no question about it. "If somebody has an addiction problem, they are going to find a way to do it," she told me.

That says it all to me.  Blinded by their own ambitions. 

By the way Steve, any relation to the "hit men"?

4:31 pm est

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Deval are you listening?
“We are very well aware of the financial hardships facing the State of Rhode Island.  However, this is not the right way to balance a budget.” - Newport Mayor Stephen C. Waluk’s testimony before the RI House Finance Committee
You know, some people get it, others like my Gov. Devalue Patrick do not.  RI hasn't had slots long, and the average person of intelligence can see that gambling revenues do not solve the fiscal or economic problems.  The only people for these things are the gambling industry, the unions looking for union jobs and those in bed politically with the former two. 
"We understand that union leaders want jobs for their members, but the question is, what kind of jobs do we want?  We think the focus should be on higher-paying, stable jobs in the life sciences, biotech, and the innovation economy." - House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi
At least Sal understands here in Mass. what it means.  I can understand some of the job aspect of the union support, but at the expense of their family, friends and neighbor's quality of life.  Where are their morals.  There are just way to many negatives to make the gambling industry a benefit to anyone other than the owners.  My friend Bellicose Bumpkin has a great breakdown here of just the administration costs with a nice list of increased criminal activities that come with legalized gambling.  This is the kind of stuff that is only going to increase and cost us taxpayers more to "mitigate".  To much of this stuff already happens.  Like caregivers stealing from those under their care.  Or, a union official embezzling funds for their habit.  Let's be smart and not let casinos come closer to our own homes.
11:32 am est

Friday, February 8, 2008

Outrageous Quote
“This is about a group of people and their right to survive on their own.  It's a stab at their sovereign rights ... It seems a bit harsh.” Brian P. Giovanoni, chairman of CRAC. Brockton Casinoprize 2/7/08
Harsh?  Brian, you are talking about the puppet Hekawi tribe that only does what it's South African investors tell them to do. The Standard Times had a nice opinion piece today that sums it all up.  No transparency.  Secret agreements with Kerzner & Wolman months before recognition.  Delay of filing land purchases in Middleboro to avoid public scrutiny.  Land auction known in advance by the investors before the public.  Middleboro selectman meeting individually with department heads to avoid public meeting laws.  The former Casino Impact Advisory Committee losing all documents discussed at meetings and giving the excuse that since that committee no longer exists Freedom of Information Act requests don't need to be honored.  Former Chief, Glen Marshall, has a secret life as a convicted rapist and fake military record.  The Mashpee/Middleboro agreement made public only 3 days before the town meeting was to vote on it.  The mysterous notation in the town records of the town meeting on Article 3 displaying no description of what Article 3 was, only that it was voted down.  Article 3 was the town vote that asked if the town wanted a casino.  The vote was NO.  But that description was not added until only a couple of days ago, 6 months after the fact.  Must I go on?  It is no secret that the whole casino deal is neck deep in rotting fish.  The Hekawis deserve harsh treatment.
9:05 pm est

Bonehead Quote
"It's not a recession-proof industry, but it is recession resistant." - Gov. Devalue Patrick on casinos.  Read it here.
Yes, of course it is recession resistant.  When the life blood of casino gambling is feed by the addicted, it will survive even a recession.  We can see the revenues fall, but never enough to shut it down.  The lure for the compulsive gambler will always feed the beast.
4:22 pm est

Monday, February 4, 2008

New Hampshire Gov. Gets it.
“Unless I am absolutely convinced it (casinos) wouldn’t have an effect on our quality of life, I wouldn’t even entertain a discussion about supporting it.” - NH Governor John Lynch
We can still say there is a big difference between the once red NH and the always blue Massachuseetts.  As told here, this shows how Lynch sees the big picture on casinos and how short sighted our Devalue is here.  Devalue is convinced all right, but it is not about OUR quality of life.  It is all about paying back people he owes.  I may not go all the way and call Devalue an "Extortionist", but then again, if the shoe fits.  No one in the MSM mentions the Ropes & Gray connection, but I will continue to do so, because I see a pattern and maybe it will catch on.  Most pols have someone other than the voters who elected them to be on their side.  Devalue is not for the people who elected him.  He is the "special interests" governor of MA.
9:57 am est

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good Selectman, Bad Selectman
"We've been getting mixed messages from Middleborough.  There's Selectman Bond, who mocks the task force, and there is Selectman Patrick Rogers, who has attended our task force meetings and been the antithesis of that.  It's like a 'good selectman, bad selectman' game, and we're not interested in playing." - West Bridgewater selectmen chairman Matthew Albanese, Regional Task Force on Casino Impacts member.
The Middleboro Five just don't seem to get it.  These meetings are run under the same set of rules.  They are both public meetings, but only the members make the decisions.  The only difference is how they are formed.  There is absolutely no way anyone outside of Middleboro can become a member of the MIddleboro BoS, but because they think they are giving an invitation out to others will not give the invitees any power.  The Five want to be on the Task Force to state their case and exert power within the group.  Whether it is  a BoS or CRAC meeting, they are in complete control and will continue to be all casino all the time.  The Regional Task Force will continue to look at the negative impacts of a casino in the area.  As my selectman Nancy Yeatts said, "We have to concentrate on our own wants and needs."  Which is No Casino.  You can read the whole article here.
Whining about how no one talked to us when such and such a project went in a neighboring town and the impact it was going to have solves nothing on the current situation.  I don't recall Middleboro coming to my aid when everyone around me sold their property to a mall developer from Syracuse NY to build the Silver City Galleria.  My family was the last hold out.  We didn't want to move.  We liked the land with the fields and trees and the farm and our 200 year old house.  As small as it was, it was ours and it was home.  The mall was going in anyway (legitimately) and we would have been sitting next to it if we didn't sell.  Who would want to be living within a literal stones throw from that monstrocity?  Can you tell I'm bitter?  As bitter as my friend Judy who's property abutts the casino land near Rt. 44.  She is reluctantly wanting to sell (not to the tribe or anyone related to the project).  I fully relate to her feelings of hopelessness.  Where was Middleboro telling Taunton that they were being duped when Pryamid Corp. told Taunton that this new mall would revive the decaying Taunton Green?  The silence was deafening.  The Green is no better off, if not worse, than before.  So much for that "economic engine"  Mr. Perkins.  Was Middleboro there protesting the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant?  The problem Middleboro is having is that it had its nose stuck in its naval with its continual financial mismanagement.  It paid no attention to the surrounding communities.  Just as it did with this whole casino deal of theirs.  Just because Middleboro stuck its head in the sand with all the projects other towns put through does not mean that we in neighboring communities have to roll over and play dead for Middleboro.  We actually pay attention to what our neighbors are doing.  Sour grapes don't make for a good wine.  Power to the Task Force and the peolple.
4:43 pm est

Friday, February 1, 2008

Outrageous Quote
"And, since this is one issue which could not only put money in the hands of union workers, but into state coffers as well - and with minimal impact on taxpayers - we can only admire labor’s feistiness on it." - Boston (Hemorrhoid) Herald Editorial Staff
I can't believe I just read this.  I thought The Hemorrhoid was a "conservative" newspaper.  You know you tick me off when I give you a nickname.  "Minimal impact."  Please!  How uninformed can they get?  And where does all this money come from?  Low income and the addicted.  So much for bleeding hearts for the little guy and the down trodden.  Even the Mass. Teacher's Assoc. is so excited about the extra money "for the children."  Gladys has an excellent video on this one.  I'm glad I don't take everything I read in Boston papers as gospel.
9:04 pm est

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