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In the course of human events it becomes inevitable to stand up and take action.  Some actions require the dissemination of information to inform and educate the masses.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is at a crossroads.  First there was tha Mashpee Wampanoag Middleborough Resort Casino that has failed under a February US Supreme Court ruling.  But they and the Aquinnah Tribe of Martha's Vineyard stubbornly and continually attempt to hit the jackpot vying for an Indian run casino in Southeastern MA. 
MA Governor Deval Patrick and the Democrat led House and Senate leadership have passed a gaming law to bring 3 commercial resort casinos and 1 slot parlor.  The battle is continual against such stupidity.
I hope to display and comment upon effectively quotations from various individuals their convictions and attitudes on this pressing subject.  May it educate, inform and entertain you thoroughly. 

If you would like to leave a comment about a particular post, please feel free to e-mail me at, be respectful and sign as how you want to be known and I'll publish your comment.  Posting a comment is 100% my call.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For the Public Record

The following is the letter that I sent to the Bureau of Indian Affairs in preparation for the Mashpee tribe's Environmental Impact Statement to allow the land in Middleborough to go into trust as intitial reservation.  I verbally presented this letter to the BIA meeting last night during the public comment meeting.  Given only 3 minutes to speak obviously does not do justice to the content.  Others were there to comment, over 50 in all.  Most expressed similar and differing concerns to the process.  You can read some of the news reports of the event at the following:

Brockton Enterprise, Cape Cod Times, The Standard Times, The Berkshire Eagle, NECN and Fox 25 News.

A reoccurring theme was the tribe's right to Middleborough land.  I was the first to speak on this sensitive issue, but I was backed up by the leader of the Massachuset tribe who spoke very convincingly on the matter.  Not published were some cheap shots by some proponents of the casino directed toward myself and other CFO members.  Typical tactics from those who are losing the argument.  I'll blog about some of that later.


You can also send your own concerns to the address below.  Letters must be received by April 9th.



Franklin Keel, Regional Director
Eastern Regional Office
Bureau of Indian Affairs
545 Marriott Drive, suite 700
Nashville, TN 37214


RE: Comments on the Environmental Impact Statement for proposed land into trust as initial reservation of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe for land in Middleborough MA.


Dear Mr. Keel,


My name is Carl D. Peirce and first of all I would like to thank you for your desire to hear from the people in the matters concerning this nation that effect the populous of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the region where I reside in regards to the proposed application of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Environmental Impact Statement for both the towns of Mashpee, MA and Middleborough, MA.  The Peirce family has had roots in southeastern Massachusetts since our common ancestor Abraham Peirce arrived as an indentured servant on the ship Anne in 1623 at what is now Plymouth, MA.  This matter is of great concern to my family and of many others in the area.  One of my ancestors, Ebenezer W. Peirce, took great pains to document our family history and that of the descendants of the good sachem Massasoit.  He documented to the best of his abilities the history of my family and that of the tribes and some in the Wampanoag nation in the area.  It is important to note that no where is it mentioned that a tribe in Mashpee relative to lands in or surrounding Middleborough, MA existed.  I have no qualms concerning the land in Mashpee, MA or their rights to them.


1.“The Peirce Family,” Pub. 1870

2.“Indian History & Genealogy”, Pub. 1878


I would like to express my displeasure to which this hearing has come about and the information that has been provided.  Upon revue of the announcement in the Federal Register of the information gathering for the proposed trust acquisition of approximately 679 acres of land for the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s initial reservation.  Of greatest concern is the land proposed in Middleborough, MA.  539 acres of land for the specific purpose of building a destination resort casino.   Due to the following deficiencies, I respectfully insist that a rescheduled hearing and comment period be conducted when the following areas that I will address are fully satisfied in accordance with proper and fair notification and planning of a project of this magnitude.


It is unreasonable and realistically impossible to conduct environmental study and questioning of such a project with only thirty-four (34) days to respond as published in the Federal Register and with a set of incomplete plans provided only six (6) days prior to said public hearing and only twenty (20) days before the deadline for submission in writing to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  In my opinion, the Mashpee tribe has not fulfilled its responsibilities in regards to fair access and proper notification as pertaining to IGRA regulations. Projects of much smaller scope are scrutinized environmentally with greater time tables for compliance and processing than this project has been afforded.  Any such plans submitted to federal, state or local planning boards or environmental agencies, as incomplete as these are, would be given back to the developers and told to not come back until adequate plans were submitted.  Greater time should be afforded to the public, interested parties and municipal entities to full access and question the environmental impacts such facilities could have.  This is not a small project with minimal impact to the surrounding areas.  The incomplete preliminary plans are woefully inadequate to determine anything near a comprehensive environmental scoping of this project.  A new hearing must be scheduled with plans that correctly reflect the intentions of the Mashpee tribe for the land in Middleborough, MA.  The current plans are unacceptable!


The plans provided by the tribe are lacking key portions than what was advertised in the Federal Register and verbal accounts from tribal leadership.  Such omissions give an incomplete appearance of the actual scope of the project.  The most notable omissions are the spa, water park and the Native American cultural attraction (verbal noted by the tribe as a museum).  None of these facilities are included in or noted in the plans provided to the public by the tribe.  No one can make an accurate assessment of the environmental impacts without at least preliminary plans of such facilities.  These plans have not been provided, therefore, rescheduled meetings should be held upon receiving and publishing of such plans.  The size and location of such facilities needs to be published and documented in order to adequately submit questions of concern.  I respectfully insist a rescheduled hearing be made with adequate time for the public, interested parties and local municipalities to respond.


The most significant element missing is the water park.  Such a facility would take up a considerate portion of land and water resources, not to mention the chemical use, storage and disposal of such is not a small matter.  The chemicals primarily used (trichloro-s-triazinetrione, cationic polymer, sodium carbonate & sodium bisulphate), can be hazardous to the environment and in most cases are toxins.  Some questions include:

  • Will the construction of the water park displace environmentally sensitive wetlands and species habitat?
  • Where and how will the storage, use and disposal be for the chemicals used in running the facility maintained securely to protect the surrounding ecosystems?
  • Trichloro-s-triazinetrione is a pesticide regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.  How will this toxic chemical be transported, secured, used and environmentally contained to ensure the protection of the ecosystems surrounding the facility?
  • Sodium carbonate and sodium bisulphate are both used as pH balancers.  What effect could these chemicals have in changing the pH of surrounding wetlands, water sources, aquifer, nearby rivers and tributaries?
  • Will there be hazardous materials procedures and how will they be implemented? 
  • Will the tribe provide its own HAZMAT unit or will the local municipality have to respond to a chemical spill or disaster?
  • Who is obligated to pick up the tab for such an incident should it occur?
  • Will it be an “open air” seasonal facility or a closed in year round facility or both?   
  • This type of facility is typically fully paved.  How will run off from precipitation affect drainage and the surrounding wetlands?
  • What impact will run off or spillage of the chemically treated water or of the full concentration of the chemicals have on the area water sources, sensitive wetlands and species that surround or inhabit the facility?
  • How will the expected water usage affect the local aquifer and water table?
  • How much water will be expected to be used to run the facility?
  • What will the source of this water be for the water park, wells and/or public sources?
  • What assurances can we get from the tribe to comply with area water bans during drought conditions and water shortages?


These are very important questions that must be answered.  A rescheduled hearing must be provided to sufficiently address items left out the plans made public that I have write to you.


Finally, I am deeply disappointed with the political environment that has been cultivated from the initial announced intention of the Mashpee tribe to acquire land in Middleborough.  Unfounded charges of racism have been flung about by tribal members towards opponents of the resort casino project.  I personally have been singled out by some in the tribe and proponents of the casino as one to be “discredited” and someone who “must be stopped”.  Other opponents have been threatened with even more disturbing threats that had to be reported to the local law enforcement.  Voices of opposition have been squelched by Middleborough elected officials.  The Town of Middleborough does not want a resort casino built in their town.  At the town meeting held in July, the people voted on Article III that confirmed that they did not want a casino resort in Middleborough.  Very little press was given to that vote.  Only Article II which was for allowing the board of selectmen to sign the IGA with the Mashpee tribe received major publicity.  The people of the town of Middleborough were successfully intimidated into thinking that if the town did not sign, then the tribe would build anyway with no agreement or mitigation funds with it.  This tactic is disgraceful and unbecoming of the tribe and casino proponents.  This has continued to this day that it is “inevitable” that the Mashpee tribe will build a resort casino in Middleborough.  This assertion is obviously false.  If it were true, then why would there be an EIS study or any other provisions described in IGRA.  You at the BIA will make a recommendation to the DOI whether to accept or reject the Mashpee application to put the Middleborough land into trust as an initial reservation. I would hope on the lack of merit submitted by the tribe that you would reject their application.  The environment impact to the land to be put into trust on the surrounding communities will in my opinion be devastating.  The Mashpee tribe has no ancestral or historic connection the land in Middleborough MA.  They don’t even fully own the land described in the plans.  Most of the land is either under option to be purchased or is owned by the wealthy investors backing the tribe.  The only intention of the tribe for this land is to build a resort casino.  Middleborough was picked, not on any ancestral right, but as stated by tribal chairman Shawn Hendricks on a talk radio program when asked why Middleborough and not New Bedford to build a casino he replied, “The land, Middleborough has the land.”  For this reason alone their application should be rejected.  Reservation shopping is not the intent of IGRA.  Also stated by Mr. Hendricks in local papers is the assertion that the casino resort is needed for the economic benefit not currently realized by the Mashpee tribe.  This assertion is inherently false.  The Mashpee tribe is not an impoverished tribe in need of economic assistance.  The members of the tribe are employed comparably to other residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  MA has an unemployment rate of less than 5%.  They have been equally enrolled in public school systems and colleges, served in the military, work in businesses that supply health insurance and benefits and some are small business owners themselves.  Some tribal members already have done well financially without the aid of a casino.  The destination resort casino would indeed enhance their current standard of living, but far beyond than that of the average citizen of MA.  It would greatly benefit the investors, Sol Kerzner and Len Wolman, of which the tribe refuses to make public the agreement made between them and the tribe.  Their application for land into trust for land in Middleborough as an initial reservation should be soundly rejected.


Thank you again for your attention in this matter.


9:03 am est

Thursday, March 20, 2008

That was then, this is now.
"I don't think it is inevitable."Daniel O'Connell, the state secretary of economic development told the Cape Cod Times in July
"There's no question in my mind that there will be a facility taken into federal trust by the tribe." - O'Connell to the Boston Globe 3/18/08
The change in attitude can only be explained by the fact that the Patrick administration wants its own casinos.  These are not stupid people in our government, although with some of their remarks one would wonder.  Patrick has done the same dance with the state legislature in January asking why they are moving so slow.  Now that it looked like it wouldn't pass, he says the legislature was moving to fast.  All the while pushing the lie.  I spoke to my state rep. and made the point to him that inevitability is a lie when it comes to the Mashpee opening a casino in Middleborough.  I stated that those who say it is a done deal are either grossly naive and uninformed or are liars with another agenda.  He listened intently and recognized the lie.  Rep. Dan Bosley as I type on the House floor is refuting that lie.  It appears the commercial casinos are dead, but the lie persists and continues the need to stomp it dead.
12:21 pm est

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Most Outrageous, Stupid Quote to Date
“I don’t know why southeastern Massachusetts can’t handle two casinos." - Middleborough, soon to retire thank God, selectman Wayne Perkins
I cannot tell you how glad I am to see this guy go.  It is bad enough that he wants just one casino in town.  He is so uninformed it is ridiculous.  He doen't care whether it is his one indian casino and a commercial one or two indian casinos.  This must be a money thing with him.  As long as Middleborough gets its share from the Mashpee investors.  Read the rest here.  I'll have more on the rest of the story later.
Jessie Powell wrote:
You commented on your blog about Wayne Perkins'
stupid quote.
Last year, in a BOS meeting, Wayne Perkins said
towns with casinos don't pay taxes.
I wonder how far that $7 million will go.
Good blog!
10:18 am est

Friday, March 14, 2008

Stupid Questions Answered - It saves time.
I have in my sticky little fingers a draft of questions that will be proposed to the Mashpee tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the Environmental Impact Study meeting coming up March 25th at Middleborough H. S. by the casino Resort Advisory Committee.  This is only a draft, so I feel I will do them a favor and answer some the questions for them that really CRAC should already have an answer for.  They can shorten their list of concerns and hopefully come up with some more.  There are some good ones on there, but it is these what I consider stupid ones that need to go.  The answers would be the blunt version that the Mashpee and their investors will give the town of Middleborough and CRAC.
"Will North/East Main Streets (Rout 105) be repaired prior to increase?"  That is what your highway department is for.  Put it in your budget.
"How will access from the Resort to the businesses in the center of Middleborough be maintaind?"  We just answered that.
"If there is additional training, personel or equipment necessary as the facility grows, how will the costs be met?"  Read the compact with the town, Section 3.  Renegotiate.
"What is the mutual aid agreement between the Town and Tribe for both Police and Fire?  Haven't you even read the agreement?  Section 5 B
"What mitigation can be offered to those residential homes immediately abutting and in the vicinity of the project site to noise and light from the facility?"  Nothing.
"What plans are there to lessen offsite lighting."  Ask your town planner and department heads, it is not our problem.  We're a "state within a state".
"Will there be litter mitigation plan for local neighborhoods?  What do you think we are giving $7 million for?  Pick up the trash yourself.  We don't care where the trash goes as long as it stays off our land.
"What can we expect of the tribe with regards to mitigation (for the library increased hours of operation)?"  Didn't I just say $7 mill?
"If the presence of the casino causes home values to decrease, will there be any means of address?"  Not from us.  Not our problem.
"Since a casino will attract additional commercial ventures, what must be done to insure that the infrastructure (water, gas, sewer, roads etc.) can accommodate this expansion?"  What part of $7 million don't you understand?  Maybe go begging to the state will help you, because we won't.
"Will there be a gas station and will they collect state and federal taxes on the gas?"  Yes there will be, but no, we will charge close to the same price and pocket the difference like the Oenida do in NY.
"Are any new Commuter Rail Stations being contemplated?"
"What other means of public transportation to and from the Resort are being considered"
"Will the existing GATRA bus service be expanded as a result of the Resort?"  Don't know, that is a state/local government issue.  Ask your state department of transportation.  But we hope so, the more gamblers the better for us.
I hope this saves you some time, but it won't save you any money.
10:26 pm est

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nightmares Do Come True
"Three and a half years after voters approved the casino by a big margin, the project hasn't been approved in Washington. We don't have any more jobs and we've got troubles we didn't have before. We've seen a corrupting effect on politics - just as anti-casino voices predicted." - Steve Lund, editor of Kenosha News
When you are right, you are right.  It is happening there.  So, we say it will happen here.  You can almost feel it.  Think of all those involved on the pro side politically, unions, casino developers, law firms, etc.  Casino opponents don't have these big money grabbing organizations behind us.  We are small and mostly non-profit.  Not that all of the former are corrupt as individuals personally or collectively in their associations, but there is big money to be made and corruption can and usually does abound.  And we will say, "I told you so," if casinos are approved in this state.
2:43 pm est

Reality Quote
"It's not dead, but he had a good day and we didn't." - MA Representative Brian Wallace
This is where it stands right now.  Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi and Rep. Dan Bosley have been hammering at Deval Patrick's casino proposal for the past two weeks and just when you think the proposal is gaining ground again, a volley comes over and knocks it flat out.  The pros are losing ground.  Some on the tribal side are wigging out and posting comments on anti-casino blogs like Bellicose BumpkinMedia Nation and Gladys Kravitz that are so nonsensical and to the point of being threatening.  Personal attacks are not uncommon for the pro-casino groups.  The Governor is taking this personal and so do the local Middleboro supporters.  They seem to be acting like cornered animals.  They are becoming dangerous because they don't want to lose, so attack, attack & attack.  Attack not the message, but the messenger.  They are not only losing the debate, but crediblity as well.
It is far from over.
1:58 pm est

Friday, March 7, 2008

Which brings more traffic & crime problem's, Target or Casinos?

“I’m sort of getting frustrated with the concept of some of the things people are talking about with the casino, the resort casino that could be said about the project (National Development building a Super Stop & Shop, Chilli’s and Target) you (Lakeville Selectman Derek Maksy) are talking about.  I agree that the Lakeville Hospital has been sitting out there and is a prime sight to be developed.  No question about it.  But, how is it you (anti-casino people) can’t make the same type of arguments against this type of development that you make against a casino?  Fine, there is no pathological gambling that may come of it.  There might be pathological shoplifting.  And there might be a number of things to come up with.”Adam Bond on Coffee Talk 3/6/2008


When someone does not think clearly and you are losing the argument, of course there is frustration.  Let me relieve you of your frustration about traffic and crime when it comes to a development of a productive industry, food service, food supplier and retail supplier and a non-productive industry like casinos. 

Let’s start with traffic.  Yes Adam, retail by nature brings traffic and if it is successful, a lot of traffic depending upon the size.  National Development’s location is on RT 105 in Lakeville only 30 seconds from exit 4 in RT 495.  Most traffic will be local.  If I am closer to the Target in Taunton, I won’t be going to Lakeville.  There will be no one coming from more than 10 miles away to visit the establishments since access to similar places are readily available in other regions.  The resort casino on the other hand will bring region people as far as 50 plus miles away, it being the only casino in all of Southeastern MA..  If Foxwoods is of any comparison, we are talking about 45,000 visitors a day.  At the casino, they will be coming 24 hours a day, mostly nights and weekends with nice big buses in some cases.  Most retail stores are only open 16 hours a day and no tour groups from the senior center will be coming to Target anytime soon.  Having such a large expectation of traffic from a larger region will engulf all major roadways to the casino.  RT 24, RT 28, RT 3, RT 58, RT 18, RT 79, RT 140, RT 105, RT 495 and converging onto RT 44 will all be affected by the one casino resort.  Obviously any development will bring traffic, but unless the location and access is superb, gridlock will exist.  There will be a major public safety issue with a segment of casino traffic that would not exist with any other.  Drunken drivers are one.

"The single biggest problem was traffic.  Accidents, the amount of offenders, speeding, OUI. When you have 40,000 come through your town daily, traffic becomes your biggest problem." - Connecticut State Trooper Todd Lynch is the resident state trooper of Ledyard.

Also from the same interview:

In Ledyard, at one point, the tribes agreed to pay for a "loop patrol" around Foxwoods, Lynch said. Because of that patrol, the following was discovered:

In 1994, 3,500 tickets were written, 55 drunk driving arrests made. In 1995 4,200 tickets were written, with 50 drunk driving arrests. In 1997, 2,000 tickets written, 57 drunk driving arrests. The tribe then cut funding for the program.

In 1999, 332 tickets were issues with 20 drunk driving arrests. In 2001, 477 tickets with 40 drunk driving arrests.

Lynch said the same amount of offenders are out there now that were there in the mid 1990s. There's not as much money for enforcement, so the number of tickets and arrests decreased.

But they are still out there.  They weren't there before Foxwoods.  Now they have them.  Will there be enough enforcement to handle new OUIs, just in one town?  Checking Middleboro's police logs, there are currently only a handful a year.  Casinos are notorious for supplying discounted or free alcohol to keep gamblers juiced.  Then, after all is said and done they are going to drive home.  Could this happen at a Chilli's?  Not at such a grand scale.  The purpose of Chilli's is to feed people, not get them so inebriated that they lose all their cash at a black jack table.  While we are talking alcohol.  Chilli's, if it desires a liquor license, will be regulated and under the watchful eye of the town of Lakeville.  Will the casino's liquor license be under Middleboro's authority or the sovereignty of the tribe?  If their are violations such as under age drinking or liability in supplying alcohol to someone that shouldn't have had more and is severely or fatally injured, Will Middleboro be able to suspend or revoke the license from the casino?  I have a feeling the answer is "No".

Lets talk crime.  Sure there will be minor shoplifting at Target and some chew and screw at Chilli's, but that is all you can expect.  Not so with an introduction of casinos.  According to Casinos & Crime expect:

Crime rates were very stable prior to opening, slightly lower in the year of casino introduction, returned to approximate average levels for the next three years and increased thereafter.  By the fifth to seventh year after introduction, aggravated assaults were 50 to 95% higher, robbery was 71 to 119% higher, larceny was 9 to 41% higher, auto theft and burglary also showed increases.

This is what we can expect from casinos.  This study compares rates of casino  and non-casino counties before and after the introduction of casinos.  Expect even more crime.  Daddy is not worried waiting for mommy to come home from overspending at Target (well, maybe, but items can be returned), but mommy is worried about daddy not coming home from the casino without his paycheck to pay the heating bill.  Hopefully he doen't think of committing fraud as one person at a local law firm did and took it all to Foxwoods.  She stole a couple thousand a week for three years and she didn't over eat at Chilli's with the cash.  It happens the closer you get to casinos, not when a Super Stop & Shop opens.

10:00 pm est

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pig in a Poker

"It's like putting lipstick on a pig.  He keeps giving us the same information, wrapped up in a different package." - Representative Daniel Bosley, a North Adams Democrat

"The pamphlets sent out by Governor Patrick today are not half as slick as his phony economics. Instead of wasting money sending out these mailers, he should be focusing on providing Massachusetts residents with real job numbers for his proposals." - Barney Keller, spokesman for the state Republican Party

All reasonable people can see through this slick presentation.  I don't need to repeat myself on this.  Gov. Patrick keeps saying that destination resort casinos are not the center piece of his economic strategy.  That is true.  It is the ONLY PIECE of his economic strategy.  That is all he talks about, except when he is on the campaign trail for Barak Obama.  Patrick should also legalize prostitution and have Destination Resort Brothels or legalize recreational drugs and have Destination Resort Crack Houses.  Its all for job creation and economic development.  Just think of the money coming into the state coffers.  These are already hidden economies that millions of tax dollars are evaded everyday.  Think of all the silk purses we can make from these sow's ears.

2:33 pm est

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Lies Continue

"There's no question in my mind that there will be a facility taken into federal trust by the tribe.  We will have a Native American casino in the Commonwealth and in the not-too-distant future." - Gov. Deval Patrick's Economic Development Secretary, Daniel O'Connell

I don't know what the Patrick administration's end game is that they have to perpetuate the lie that a tribal casino is inevitable.  Have you been drinking Mashpee fire water or what?  Is it just a scare tactic to fool the state legislature into bringing commercial casinos to MA.  "You have to go with my plans, or else."  Why do you even bother writing the Bureau of Indian Affairs opposing the land into trust?  Is it just a formality to you?  Does it give your high paid lackeys something to do on the state's dime.  You can't get what you want without perpetuating the lie, I suppose.  Say it enough times and everyone will believe it and it comes true.  Throw your hands up in the air and give up, you win Mr. Patrick.  NOT ON MY WATCH!  Not on Sal DiMasi's watch either.  He is up to the challenge.

Everyone on the pro side of this debate talking with forked tongue.  Patrick's construction jobs don't add up to 30,000.  That is okay with Deval.  He trusts his sources, Suffolk Downs, reliable and unbias.  Clyde Barrows, reliable and unbiased.  Spectrum Gaming Group, reliable and unbiased.  There is even on conflict of interest with his wife's job, Ropes & Gray LLP, the only national law firm as a member of the American Gaming Association.  What research from here is there not to feel good about coming from his administration?

This land ain't your land.

Mashpee tribal leader Shawn Hendricks is no different in oral utensil usage.  When asked by Adam Bond on his weekly gabfest why the tribe picked Middleborough and not New Bedford, the answer was Middleborough had the land and New Bedford did not.  It has nothing to do with "coming home".  It has everything to do with the amount of land an nothing about heritage, which is also in dispute.  They have no ancestral connection to Middleborough

“We want to work with the state. We don’t want to come out in a negative light.” - Shawn Hendricks

Too late, Shawn.  You already reek of negativity down here near Middleborough.  Your investors, Sol Kerzner & Len Wolman, must be proud of the way you handle yourself keeping them hidden even though they supplied the cash and own or have the option to own most the 500 plus acres in Middleborough.  They make a killing out of Mohegan Sun.  Their secret deal with you must be something.  Are they going to screw you too?  Oh, did I mention that they have their hands for a commercial casino in Palmer?  Talk about double dipping.  Well, the Mashpee own next to nothing down here.  Your tribe has divided a community and promised not enough to cover the costs that town officials really have no real grip on.  They are clueless and some how suckered into the dealings.

Here we come to save the day!

“The tribe is living up to promises.  This is another example of the relationship between the tribe and the town. The tribe has provided an additional $251,000 in preplanning money, they are actively participating in town meetings and when they are meeting at the statehouse, we are there too.” Brian P. Giovanoni, chairman of Middleboro’s Resort Advisory Committee

Where is the tribe at these meetings?  CFO goes to all your meetings and the tribe is nowhere to be seen.  What meetings are you talking about?  Are they there through telepathy?  We know you are obligated to help the tribe because of the contract you signed.  Don't sound so patronizing as if you are doing some big favor.  Rep. Tom Calter calls your agreement with them a piece of crap that needs renegotiating.  You are so sucked into this there is no way out for you.  Take the money and do as you are told.  Keep the chains of your bondage on and suffer.  We will save you.  We know that casinos are not inevitable in Middleborough or Massachusetts.

11:23 am est

Saturday, March 1, 2008

More Inevitablity Lies

"One of the points we've been making to our partners in the Legislature is, look, we can either help set the rules or we can have this done to us, but, one way or another, it is coming." - Gov. Deval Patrick

No, No, NO!  Can the lies Gov.  The only way anything comes of casinos in this state, indian or otherwise, is if we the people let it come in.  Stop the lies.  It is bad enough you sell your casino plan as some tourist bonanza.  That is not what resort casinos do.  They are self contained and are designed to keep patrons within their walls.  The gov still doesn't have enough support in the legilature to pass his plan.  The Mashpees still have to get the land into trust first.  No land into trust means no casino, no bingo, no nothing.  The people, you, are important in this fight on both the state and federal levels.  Tell your state reps you don't want casinos in the state.  Tell the federal government by writing to the above address you don't want a tribal casino either.  The only thing inevitable is the lies that come from the tribe's and the governor's mouths.

7:17 pm est

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