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In the course of human events it becomes inevitable to stand up and take action.  Some actions require the dissemination of information to inform and educate the masses.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is at a crossroads.  First there was tha Mashpee Wampanoag Middleborough Resort Casino that has failed under a February US Supreme Court ruling.  But they and the Aquinnah Tribe of Martha's Vineyard stubbornly and continually attempt to hit the jackpot vying for an Indian run casino in Southeastern MA. 
MA Governor Deval Patrick and the Democrat led House and Senate leadership have passed a gaming law to bring 3 commercial resort casinos and 1 slot parlor.  The battle is continual against such stupidity.
I hope to display and comment upon effectively quotations from various individuals their convictions and attitudes on this pressing subject.  May it educate, inform and entertain you thoroughly. 

If you would like to leave a comment about a particular post, please feel free to e-mail me at, be respectful and sign as how you want to be known and I'll publish your comment.  Posting a comment is 100% my call.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its A Done Deal


Shakespeare, in Henry IV, Part One, 1596:

Falstaff: 'The better part of valour is discretion; in the which better part I have saved my life.'

The CFO Yard Sale is to be.  It took three weeks to get the approval, but unlike the proposed Bingo Resort in Middleborough, it is a done deal.

It looked iffy for a while. had decided that in order to continue in fighting the possibility of a casino we had to have fund raisers.  Signs, hand outs and all that goes with it to get the information out does not come cheap.  When you are going against multi-millionaire casino investors, you have to have some cash.  Being a member of the board I suggested let's use one of the prime yard sale spots in the area, the "Town House" (the old Lakeville Town Hall) on the corner of routes 18 and 105.  Other not-for-profits have used the spot, why shouldn't we.

The first meeting with the Lakeville BOS was somewhat of what I expected.  I understand the narrow purpose of CFO can be construed as "political".  In my opinion, quality of life issues are not political.  But, of course, once a politician opens their mouth on a subject, it becomes political.  Although there is no written policy on public building use, there have been refusals by the town for for-profits and local political committees to use town owned space.  The call went to ask town counsel for an opinion.  Chuck Evirs, the BOS Chairman was of most insistent in wanting to refuse the request.  Although never stating it publicly for or against the casino, he has been the loudest voice in not making a stand either way.  Whose feelings is he going to hurt by personally believing a casino in Middleborough is a good idea or not?  More of this first meeting can also be read here as well.

The next meeting was even more revealing.  We were first on the docket.  I expected either they would reject the request because they felt we were "too political" or they would grant the request.  I did expect the following from Evirs.

"I don't think we should do it. Town counsel says if we allow any to, we cannot pick and choose who we let use it, then I say we stop letting them use it. We don't let anyone use it."

It was a knee-jerk reaction to the town counsel's opinion that they can't refuse CFO and accept other groups.  Since we can't refuse them, let's punish everyone else because Evirs is "uncomfortable" with CFO's message.  It was over reactionary and many others agreed.  Cindy Dow, the Lakeville reporter and associate editor for the Middleborough Gazette wrote a scathing editorial.  It is too bad there is no on-line version.  Those should be on-line as are all the regular articles.  It became a call to arms of all of the other groups in town. The "Community needs to speak up on town hall usage."

"I think it is a stretch to think that allowing the use of the property automatically allies the town to whatever group is hosting the yard sale.  To refuse allow any use of the property so that the board does not have to allow CFO to use the property is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bath water and doing a serious disservice to the town.  And perhaps, sends a louder message about where the board sits on the issue of a casino than simply following the law and allowing the yard sale to happen."

She called the Evirs' idea, "ludicrous".  It would appear to me that it was an indication of where Evirs stands, not the board as a whole on the casino issue.  I really don't know why he can't just say how he feels personally.  Nancy Yeatts has publicly said she thinks it is a bad idea, but she has not pushed for the board to vote yes or no as Plympton, Carver or other towns have.  She hasn't pushed the Regional Task Force on Casino Impacts that she chairs in that direction.  You can still have a personal opinion and not push it on all the citizens of your town as town policy.

After the announcement to delay any vote until Derek Maksy was present, I just sat there trying to absorb the whole 10 minutes it took for the agenda item.  Getting home, I was upset at the suggestion of cutting all others off.  I called Rich Young, chairman of CFO, and explained my feelings.  My first inclination was to poke Evirs in the eye, figuratively.  Give him a big lashing on my blog and at the next meeting.  My second was to drop our request.  Discretion is the better part of valore.  Rich agreed, as did the other members of CFO board of directors.  We decided, if they vote to make such changes that the Mother's Club, Booster Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. can't use it, then we walk away and save the rest of the community.  We call ourselves a pro-community group and by golly we will live up to it.

Finally the evening arrived and the meeting commenced.  In the crowd were representative for the Athletic Boosters, The Lakeville Haunted House, The Boy Scouts and a little Brownie and her mom.  I don't know how many calls the BOS got or Mr. Evirs personally, but the Boosters claimed receiving 50 e-mails.  They thought there should be no reason to refuse us from using the building.  To make this long story shorter, the power of a little Brownie, backed up by everyone else in the room, made the BOS' decision all that easier.  CFO gets their yard sale on September 27th and the rest of the community still gets to use town property.  Evirs, red faced and arms crossed, chose discretion and saved the face of the town by allowing CFO to use the property.  A victory for everyone, but also a battle that really should not have been waged.  There will be a formal policy on usage. Not at the expense of town citizens and Evirs will not be writing it. 

"We like the fact that people are using the commission strongly feels that the building should be used, but we also appreciate that the selectmen would like to set a policy so everyone would understand the responsibilities as well as the usage." - Nancy LeFave, Lakeville Historical Commissioner


Good work Carl!
...22 minutes dog complaints, 10 minute yard sale debates, 5 minutes to discuss a mega casino...
What a world.


10:52 pm est

Monday, August 25, 2008

Confession Confirms the Obvious, But Seldom Admitted
"The developers have always been the single most important — the money people drive negotiations. Tribal members become somewhat irrelevant. I don't believe (Marshall) was making decisions for Wolman and Kerzner,"  - Adam Bond, Middleborough Selectman
Well, I am glad to hear that Mr. Bond or any other "offical" from the town admits that in regards to this whole casino resort project that the tribe is "somewhat irrelevant."  You can read it here at the end of this article.  I (we) have this known from the beginning that it is the investors, Kerzner and Wolman, who sail the boat.  The Mashpee Tribe have been only a conduit for them to gain access to potentail gambling dollars in Massachusetts.  The tribe are just puppets.  All this talk that this is all about the tribe is phoney.  They are not coming home.  Foreign investors are moving in.  "The money people drive the negotiations."  So, when you don't see the tribe in town, just remember Kerzner & Wolman are.  In one form or another.
3:04 pm est

Out of the Shadows.
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"  - Opening line from the old-time mystery radio show, The Shadow.
I have two stories from the shadows today.
FIrstly, Glenn Marshall, confirmed liar and convicted rapist was seen lurking in the shadows at a private "pow-wow" on the site of the proposed Middleboro casino.  It seems that he is still "staying engaged."  How convienent it is for tribal members with a questionable past, who by the way signed all the agreements both in the town and with the feds, still gets to play footies on the whole deal while shunned tribal members are still left out in the cold?  Not being invited, I'm sure the ceremony was legit up until they pulled out the marshmallows to roast.  You can see some of the pictures of this not publicized event at Casino-Helper.  Absent from the pictures is Glenn Marshall.  I suppose a convicted rapist's presence is anything but a casino helper.
Secondly, it appears that even though the promises of economic freedom for tribal members and a spill over economy are just not panning out in the shadow of the Tulalip Casino in Washington state. 
The tribal government is still struggling to find housing for a list that has soared to more than 300 families. Quil Ceda Village General Manager John McCoy repeatedly states that the tribe can provide a job for any tribal member who wants one, but the exact poverty and unemployment rates among tribal members are unclear.
Even though there is all this money coming from the so called "economic engine", there still are impoverished tribal members and local non-members struggling.  Why are we continually told that it will be different here?  Only, the Shadow knows.
2:24 pm est

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kiss and Make Up
"We got together and bared our souls.  We agreed to apologize for some of the things both of us said, and we agreed to put the past behind us. We decided to get back to work together, to get back to being friends." - House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi on his relationship with Gov. Deval Patrick
Well, with the help of a friendly private dinner, the two most powerfull leaders in the state have finally kissed and made up.  I wouldn't get all excited that some how they are going to agree on the whole casino gambling issue.  Rep. DiMasi has made it clear casinos and Massachusetts economic development do not mix.
Kissing and making up seems to be the theme of the week for some.  Bellicose Bumpkin is keeping above the fray and is right in trying to remain civil, even with a the extreme divided opinion with the proposed Middleboro casino.  It would really be nice to have an "agree to disagree" relationship with some on the other side of the debate, but it makes it very difficult when you don't even know who is attacking you.  Most are hiding in their no profile blogs or on the TOPIX forum.  They don't seem to be interested in civil discourse.  So anal are their grievances that they can not but help to bloviate and personally attack private citizens.  I won't link to any of them, I wouldn't want you to vomit uncontrolably.
At least Mr. Marzelli has seem to have thrown an olive branch our way.  He did take quite a beating from myself and others over his "dictator" comments last week.  I am leary.  If he showed some remorse and publicly stated his misguided words, it would help to reconcile.  He wants to offer a site for CFO's yard sale, if the Lakeville BOS doesn't grant them permission to use the old town hall.  That is a whole other story in of itself.  Since I am personally involved in it, I won't comment until the final decision on Monday.  So stay tuned.
3:48 pm est

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Have I Seen This Before?
The officials, who have hosted two meetings and several phone conversations with the developer, David Nunes, say they are intrigued about the potential to boost economic fortunes and jobs in a community where the senior center already hosts monthly trips to the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut. - Boston Globe 8/19/2008, Milford could cohost casino, Town officials show interest.

The comparisons to Middleborough are somewhat disturbing.

  1. In Milford you have town administrator Louis J. Celozzi, Middleboro had Jack Healy
  2. Milford - improvements to route 495, Middleboro - route 44
  3. Milford - money for the town $50 mil., Middleboro - $11 mil.  Someone is getting taken for a ride. 
  4. Milford - possible violation of open meetings law, Middleboro - secret meetings & executive sessions.
  5. 500 acres
  6. Indian tribe connections.  Past relationship was developer David Nunes and the Aquinnah when they wanted to build in New Bedford.  Even with a state compact, they couldn't build.  No class III in MA.  Middleboro has a current relationship with the Mashpee.  Still no class III.
  7. "In light of the fiscal realities going on, [we were] attentive." - Louis J. Celozzi and "We're dying out here!" - Steve Spataro
  8. Developers and backers from outside the region - Colorado and South Africa respectively.

And from the totally convictionless, this NIMBY "but" quote is from Ruth Anne Bleakney, director of Milford's senior center, which offers monthly runs to Foxwoods for $20.

"If I was planning to put a casino someplace, I don't think I would have Milford as my first choice, but the seniors would like it. It would be close by and they could go more often if they wanted to."

As one Middleboro resident conveyed to me:

"That's nice that they will put in another exit off from 495.  They'll also need to add a couple more lanes, both No. and So. on 495 to help alleviate the already strained traffice flow that gets backed-up from the MA Pike (90)."
"It's also nice to know that it will give the seniors something to do.  Hopefully they don't live in 'over 55 communities' and pay less for property taxes than the rest of us still-working stiffs that will be supporting all of the finanacial impacts.  As long as they have something to do, other than volunteering for public services (library, schools, etc) that would help save the tax-payers's wonderful."

Nuff said.



Anonymous said:
As usual your unique comparison between the Milford comments and the Middleboro comments provides an interesting read.
What I find pathetic is the "Seniors" who have so little to do with their time that a Casino Visit constitutes LIFE for them.  
Personally, I'm surrounded by Seniors who are doing things, working with others, actively involved and interested in a wide variety of pursuits. They're constantly learning new things, taking courses, meeting new people, sharing their wealth of knowledge. I don't know a single Senior who has the time to waste to go to a casino.

It makes me wonder what's missing in their lives and if they had so little interest before their retirement.
Not to nitpick, but the Middleboro IGA is not worth
$11M but more like $9M and possibly less.   $11M includes
$4m in hotel taxes which is what you would probably get on
a large hotel without comping.  Given that the plans seem
to be scaled back somewhat, and assuming a comp rate of 50%,
we're probably down well below $2M in room tax.
Carl said:
Thanks Bumpkin.  I can always count on you for expert analysis.  I was using THEIR numbers and even infated, it looks bad for Middleborough.
2:36 pm est

Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy Eights - Who is a Dictator?
Is it just me, or is it the date, 08-08-08.  But, I am going to do something that I normally will not do.  In general I poke fun at some the local celebrities and pols for their casino views without getting all out insulting, but the following quote has struck a nerve that bothers the tar out of me.  I am going to fire up my grill and verbally burn a two bit has been to a crisp.  All out arrogance and stupidity I have a hard time accepting from people.  I know, some are going to be really offended, but right now that is just too bad.
"I think Nancy Yeatts reminds me of one of those autocratic, Eastern European or Eastern Asian dictators of yeas ago." - Bill Marzelli, Middleborough two bit townie with a big mouth on Adam Bond's Coffee Shop Talk, 8/07/08
Look at the following picture.  Who looks more like a dictator, Nancy Yeatts on the left or Bill Marzelli on the right? 
It doesn't take much intelligence to figure it out, but for those of you who are stupid, it's Bill on the right.
You can listen to Billy's laughable and completely ignorant tirade here.  Or, if you are really bored or need something to put you to sleep late at night, you can listen to Bond's entire show here.
For those of you who don't know Nancy, and I do, she is a member of the Lakeville Board of Selectmen and is Chairman of the Regional Task Force on Casino Impacts.  The task force is comprised of 18 local communities surrounding Middleborough.  Billy as far as I can tell has not been to many, if any, task force meetings and does not know what he talks about when it comes to the task force or Nancy Yeatts.  Nancy is a no nonsense woman and likes her ship run tight, but a dictator she is not.  She is very accommodating to opposing views with respect and works well when conflicting views on a project or town funding & operations come up.  She is no Marsha Brunnell, former Midddleborough BOS chairman with her almighty gavel squashing desent on casino debate.   She doesn't put up with crap like Middleborough's Ruth Geoffroy showing up and disrupting a task force meeting insisting to be heard. "I represent Middleborough!".  Patrick Rogers shows up unannounced and wants a seat at the table.  Well, sure Pat, we will put you on the agenda next meeting, if you ask and don't just show up.  When Rogers finally gets his official plea, the task force votes it down overwhelmingly.  The other members, all local selectmen were not heavy handed by Nancy to vote any way.  They have their own minds and convictions on the casino issue to know that Middleborough made its bed with out the surrounding communities in mind and now they can sleep in it, alone.  Billy believes that she hides her opposition to the casino even though she has stated publicly she is opposed to it numerous times.  Where have you been, Billy?  Hanging out at Rockland Industries site too long?  There are some towns on the task force who don't oppose it (that is why there is no official stance that the task force is against the casino) and all they want is Deval Patrick to get them mitigation money if it does come.  Deval continually ignores the task force, so they are already drafting letters to get Deval's attention.  Nancy hides nothing, but Marzelli holds little meetings with other fly monkeys plotting on how to "discredit" and "stop" casino opposition.  Behind the scenes he schemes with others under no genuine incorporated organization to cause trouble for people they disagree with.  What's the name of the group that you meet with, the Shrill Voices of Middleboro?  I would like to know what his real agenda is and who is backing him.  What is in it for you, Billy?  $$$?  What?  Why is it so important to go on the public air waves and lie about Nancy Yeatts and spew from your rectum?  Well, welcome to the world wide web you pompous wind bag... and your little lap dog clown too.
Click on Bozo to unmask the clown.
Anonymous said:
"When BM was pouring cement slabs over toxic waste in the
late 70's, did he not have access to television, movies, radio,
and newspapers?  Surely he would have heard of the "Love Canal"
and the health hazards of such sites.   Why was he silent on this
for 30 years and what was the cost to the health of Middleboro
Now he's bent on giving us another waste dump - this one gives
us socio-economic hazardous waste and is known affectionately
by BM and the rest of the pro-casino miscreants as a 5 Star
Resort that happens to have a casino.
And the reason for his support?  Nothing so high-falutin as a reasoned
study of the effects weighed against the benefits.  Nope.  $11M soundslike a lot of money to him and it would help him rent out his manyapartments.   That's some real civic-minded motivation there Billy."
A different Anonymous wrote:
"As far as I'm concerned, IT'S ABOUT TIME HE WAS EXPOSED FOR WHAT HE REALLY IS, A BULLY!! and, DON'T GET ME STARTED!!  There is so much more that could be told about him. 
Nancy deserves what you blogged about, HE OPENED THE DOOR for the not very nice "comments" about him."
Anonymous #3 said:
"Oh my God, ____ and I laughed really hard when we unmasked Bozo!!!"
12:27 pm est

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quotes from the Fairy Tales
"Just RIght" Porridge Quote:
“I believe that this analysis will prove valuable for future policy deliberations if and when the issue of expanded gaming in Massachusetts re-emerges.  The analysis provides a comprehensive response to the many thoughtful questions raised by legislators and other interested groups, and reflects the integrity and financial expertise for which Spectrum Gaming is widely regarded.” - MA Housing & Economic Development Secretary Daniel O'Connell
Sleeping Beauty's Thorn Counter Quote:

"Today, the Spectrum report was released for the Governor.  It claims to be a Comprehensive Analysis of Projecting and Preparing for Expanded Gaming in Massachusetts.  This “Comprehensive Analysis” offers promises of new revenue but fails to mention costs.  It talks about increases in crime, court costs, social programs, police, fire and ambulance service.  It continues to speak of a decline in Lottery revenue, business revenue, to the tourism industry.  It cannot put a single figure on any of those issues but it very clear in the revenue of Casinos.   For $189,000, Governor Patrick didn’t buy a detailed report, he got a fairy tale." - Richard Young, President of Casino Free Mass and Chairman of

Well, the Spectrum Gaming Group (the "independent" consultant) who was charged (or paid $189,000.00) to come up with an analysis of what to expect from casino gambling in Massachusetts has been released.  You can see it all from here.  Utopia has arrived.  All is rosey without the thorns: "The social impacts of casino gambling are significantly more difficult to objectively analyze and estimate".  Just throw in all the revenue and if government can do all the regulations and paperwork and fees "just right", then all will be well.  Mr. Young is 100% correct in his analysis.  They can put a dollar figure to all the "benefits", but can't place a dime on the costs.  This report was hand written by the gambling industry and its enabler Gov. Deval Patrick.  This all looks like the evil queen's poisoned apple to me.  Look out, Snow White!

3:43 pm est

The System Is Broken
"From every human standpoint, the reservation system is broken. There is extreme poverty, rampant alcoholism, high infant mortality rates, terrible joblessness and lawlessness. FBI reports show that rates of all of violent crime doubled between 2005 and 2006, partly fueled by a raging methamphetamine epidemic on reservations and high rates of alcohol use." - Jon M Hunter, Publisher of the Madison Daily Leader
This opinion piece is right to the point,  the system is broken and can't be fixed.  It is amazing how bad things get when some are left to govern themselves through "sovereignty" and ignore what has for over 200 years worked for all here in America, the Constitution.  He also states:
"This is not a time for finger-pointing, but developing a new system that allows human beings to live with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
There is no need for a "new system".  Our Constitution has and does work well for ALL people here, whether white, black, yellow, red or any shade in between.  It provides us with life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.
What this supposed well intention system has created is a nightmare for all involved.  Dealing with inter-government relations has become a threat to public (including the tribe) safety.  In California's Riverside county Soboba tribal leader says sheriff deputies' access limits will remain.  This is all after and agreement is signed between the tribe and local law enforcement.  Damn the agreement and everyone's safety, you can't come in and pursue a violent criminal.  Stay at the gate until we say it is okay.  What a disregard for common sense and innocent human life?  If they were run under the US Constitution instead some so called tribal  law & jurisdiction, there would be no one to "interfere with other tribal members"  that was not justified.  Civil rights are civil rights for everyone under the U.S. Constitution.
Internally for tribal members it is a headache.  Tribal members have limited rights under their laws.  They don't get the constitutional protections and access we do.  No need to continually hash out the whole Mashpee Tribal Council / Amelia Bingham shunning dispute again, but look what else is happening now in California.  A tribe may lose their precious casino because the tribe is split.  What a mess that is?  Can the Mashpee be far behind?
12:06 pm est

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finally! They are getting a clue.

"At this point, the tribe has not asked to commence compact negotiations, nor do they have lands in trust.  Should the tribe ask to commence negotiations, the administration will weigh a number of issues in determining its response." - Kofi Jones, a spokeswoman for the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.

Well it is about time they said it.  As reported in the Cape Cod Times, the Patrick administration is proclaiming the truth about where the Mashpee tribe is in the process in trying to get a resort bingo hall in Middleborough.  Besides the administration's past putting out of so much disinformation, it appears that many in the surrounding communities, especially pro-casino types and members of the tribe, continually have repeated that the Mashpee already have the Middleborough land into trust with the federal government and are only a few months away from "breaking ground".  This is as far from the truth as is the East is from the West.  If someone says to you anything remotely similar, DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT!  Anyone who tells you that the casino is ready to go is either, misinformed, stupid, lying or brainwashed by the casino Kool-Aid dealers.  The tribe is a long, long way from getting near to their (the investors) goal of a resort casino.  And as far as I and CFO is concerned, if we have it our way, it won't happen at all.  We fight on.

5:24 pm est

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