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In the course of human events it becomes inevitable to stand up and take action.  Some actions require the dissemination of information to inform and educate the masses.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is at a crossroads.  First there was tha Mashpee Wampanoag Middleborough Resort Casino that has failed under a February US Supreme Court ruling.  But they and the Aquinnah Tribe of Martha's Vineyard stubbornly and continually attempt to hit the jackpot vying for an Indian run casino in Southeastern MA. 
MA Governor Deval Patrick and the Democrat led House and Senate leadership have passed a gaming law to bring 3 commercial resort casinos and 1 slot parlor.  The battle is continual against such stupidity.
I hope to display and comment upon effectively quotations from various individuals their convictions and attitudes on this pressing subject.  May it educate, inform and entertain you thoroughly. 

If you would like to leave a comment about a particular post, please feel free to e-mail me at, be respectful and sign as how you want to be known and I'll publish your comment.  Posting a comment is 100% my call.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The One Trick Pony
"There's not a lot of businesses expanding. There's not a lot of businesses offering new jobs. We're sitting here prepared to do it tomorrow."Gary Piontkowski, President of Plainridge Racecource, Plainville MA 
How is it that Mr. Pionthowski wishes to bring in new jobs and expand his business in Massachusetts?  By introducing slot machines to the racing industry, calling them racinos.  This option, as has casinos, has been around a while.  Almost every year some the lobbyists converge on Beacon Hill and get some "lawmaker" to file bills to expand gambling in MA.  So far, every year it has failed.  Even prior to Sal DiMasi.  I attended his "public" meeting.  This "public" meeting was more of an infomercial than a place for the public to comment on his proposal.  During this infomercial he allowed questions, but no comments contrary to his statements or information.  Those who attended were state Sen. Scott "Call me stupid" Brown (who calls it "a no-brainer"), state Rep. Richard Ross (both from Wrentham), the harness and horse industry, Plainridge employees, a high school casino "expert" and of course a few detractors, which included myself.
I have no issue with the horse industry in wanting to make their business profitable.  In one respect I feel bad that both the dog and race tracks that are losing money and market share because of casinos.  They were flourishing in the 80's until Indian casinos started popping up, then state condoned commercial casinos came to counter the Indians.  The race tracks can't compete.  They are losing money here and elsewhere.  They feel the only solution is not to recreate a better product to make them profitable, but to bring in slot machines to bail them out.  I don't understand why they would want to live as parasites of a product that is destroying their own industry and the lives of many who play them.  No one pushed for Polaroid to have slots to save its business.
Mr. Plainridge Slots made some very interesting points during his presentation that should be noted that were not reported by the regular media.  He stated that Plainridge has lost money every year for the last 10 years.  That is about as long as Ourway Realty LLC (IGT as of its takeover of Anchor Gaming owns 25% stake.) has owned it.  And, why did they buy a dying business?  They bought it to bring in slots.  That is what he said.  I know that Mr. Pionthowski said that he loves the harness industry, but he only came to bring slots.  Isn't that what IGT makes?  As a consolation prize, the horse breeders and such can live on slot generated welfare to remain in existance, but not profitable on their own accord.  I can hear him years from now after getting slots saying with tears and a heavy heart (and full wallet) how the harness portion of his busness will shut down due to ever decreasing revenues.  Insert violins here.
Who does Mr. Pionthowski want to come to his Racino?  Because of its proximity to Routes 1 and 495, he wants the casual commuter to drive by and stop for a "relaxing FOUR HOURS" in front of his armless one armed bandits.  Now that's profitable entertainment.
Sanctamony was the order of the afternoon with the whole "you can't legislate morality" argument.  Please Mr. Pionthowski, stop the lying.  We legislate murder, stealing, drinking, lying, smoking, drugs, sex (prostitution), etc.  It is not wrong to legislate or ban gambling of any kind if it is deamed harmful to others.  We have the Lottery, so he says slots should be okay too.  The Lottery is predatory gambling too.  It should go.  The "lottery" that funded the War for Independence was specific in purpose and was TEMPORARY!
Lastly, within his slick presentation was the possiblity of a hotel.  I thought he wasn't looking for hooking the resort or overnight traveler.  Why have a hotel?  It is obvious he is looking ahead, just as he was with slots ten years ago.  If slots to tracks come, then eventually he will be ready for a full fledged casino.  Gambling only expands as a state lets it in the door.  Look at the Lottery.  Started as one game per week.  Now, everyday and with KENO, every few minutes.  The state is addicted.
The best way to describe Mr. Plainridge Slots is a clean-cut, short-haired Glenn Marshall in a suit.  He is looking for the big payout on your expense.  NO RACINO!
Gladys said:
Awesome post!!
Many thanks to you and the others for taking time out of your weekend to drive to and attend the Plainridge Kool-aidfest.  People need to know there is another side to the story even if they don't want to hear it.  They need to know there is opposition even though they don't want to see it.
Kim said:
Fantastic post Carl.  Thank you for reminding us that slots are brought to our legislature every year and every year they are shot down.  Why?  Because Massachusetts doesn't need them - we are better than that and we know it.   We don't need casino interests infiltrating our beautiful State under the guise of a few slots to save the day.  Well, I guess the long awaited rest I was wishing for is as dead as the Middleboro casino....fight the racinos. 
You make a good point....slots will be the proverbial straw that breaks the horse racing industry.  The ones who tout that slots will save the business are the ones who will ensure its bitter end and open the door for casinos...casinos...casinos.  Unbelievable.
Anonymous said:
Let me get this straight.  A business man buys into a business that's loosing money for 10 years and wants the state to bail him out?
Does he think he's a Wall Street banker who needs a bonus too for his stellar investment accumen?
From what I see, regardless of the presence of casinos, racing has been fading as 'entertainment.'  Is this it?
The gaming interests buy into race tracks that are loosing money to then propose slots to 'save the day' and 'save the jobs.'
Please let us know when the next meeting like this is. We would like to
be informed.
1:46 pm est

Monday, January 26, 2009

Was it something we said?
Adam Bond resigns from the Middleborough Board of Selectman!
Now all Middlborough has left is Dumber & Dumber, The Quiet Man and the Gavel Queen.  Good luck Middleborough.  You are going to need it.  This casino saga is getting more interesting by the hour.  And I thought the top story was DiMasi's resignation.
Anonymous said:
Howdy Neighbor!
Anyone consider secession?
Middleboro and Lakeville were once
united. I live close to the town line and
am hoping they made a mistake!
9:17 pm est

Friday, January 23, 2009

Stick A Fork In It
I know that we are coming to a fork in the road, and as Yogi Berra said, when we get to the fork in the road, we will take it.” - RI House Speaker William J. Murphy
Bail out madness, that is what it is.  RI is considering to bail out Twin Rivers.  I thought slots and casinos were the godsend to a government budget crisis.  Instead, this long saga of sinking bond ratings and no economic multiplier effects, RI wants to take it over (off the hands of Middleboro Casino investors Kerzner & Wolman) and be the sole owner of predatory gambling in the state.  Read this contradictory statement from Murphy,
“They’ve been making a go of it. The money is there. They are doing very well. The facility itself is doing well … The debt is the issue.”
How does a company that is "doing well" be in trouble financially?  By being a bad business.  In other words, they are not doing well.  Sure, Wolman & Kerzner are doing well and would love bail out money.  So does Larry Flint.  They all ought to get together and put a vice bail out bill together and send it to Washington.  Even they won't tough it with a 39 and half foot pole.
This is what happens when a state becomes dependent on a predatory industry (third largest source of revenue in RI).  Withdrawal from an addiction is a painful process that must be made to become clean and free.  Anyone who has overcome an addiction can say they are glad to be free.  No bail out for businesses who have bad business practices.  Stick a fork in it!
3:01 pm est

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thrown Under The Bus?
"Mr. Marshall is entitled to change his attorney and that would be something between him and his new attorney." - Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Mitchell
Today, Marshall has postponed his plea.  From what I understand from witnesses at the hearing
...the Q&A from the US prosecutor I think his high priced lawyer (funded by investors) quit last night, presumably from a lack of funds. The new attorney on speaker phone mentioned Marshall may apply for a court appointed attorney (which this new attorney would accept the appointment). Something I am sure Marshall wouldn't want unless he was forced to do it. It has the appearances of him being cut loose by the backers, which makes sense since he is most likely turning on them for a lesser sentence. I highly doubt he will fight this, there is too much to loose, he could go from 3 1/2 yrs to 40 yrs. He is scrambling to not spend the rest of his life in the Fed Pen.
Is Marshall being thrown under the bus by the investors?  You can't make these stories up.  This is real life.  As the wheels on the bus go round and round.

Marshall isn't the only one targeted for road kill.  Casino-Friend is ready to hurl because chairman Adam Bond is questioning the loyalties of other Middleborough Board of Selectmen.  Mr. Bond is venting and is agast (as he rightly should) at the Mayberry attitude that seems to prevail.  This isn't his first post on the subject and Casino-Friend hasn't commented on this one yet.  Other sites are lambasting him as well in the comic comment sections.  He is "an individual citizen and just one of five Selectmen" and now since he is bucking the "all is well" casino train of thought, it looks like he is next to be thrown under the bus.  Maybe he will opt to head back to New York where he won't have to deal with the "small town mindset" any more.  He's tough and has his own motivations for doing and saying what he says.  He still wants a casino.  We'll see how long he lasts being on the wrong side of the Kool-Aid stand. 


Anonymous said:
Your presentation is most appreciated since some of us do pay attention to the convoluted events and the trivial players involved.  Knowing that additional indictments are in the future, when Marshall finally makes it to court, and knowing the unfolding events are being scrutinized, that there is communication with Stephen Graham, who may or may not be indicted, shows how brainless some are.

Hal Brown, compassionate counselor who denied the devastation of gambling addiction, who has waved the banner of racism repeatedly, who proclaimed the need for Five Star Restaurants in the 'boro, has defined himself, impacts and facts be damned!.  Helen Belmont sat with her arm around him at a bos meeting. Neither participated, asked questions or were informed about the issues being discussed because
their presence was only to wave casino signs.  Mr. Brown has disparaged those who registered voters and encouraged participation.
Mr. Brown discourages being informed and is himself uninformed. He doesn't bother with Town Meetings.  That he should criticize the criticism of the braindead communicating with a lobbyist shows how naive or, dare I say, stupid, he is.  Mr. Brown posted regularly on a forum that contained some of the most vicious and venomous personal attacks, yet "Saw No Evil!"  Grow up, Mr. Brown. You don't know who's next!

Gladys said:
Carl, does Marshall have to abandon his plea because he is changing attorneys?  It seems like the original plea, with the 3 year sentence, is a the better deal - especially if he has been abandoned by investors anyway.  So why go with a new plea?  Unless you were getting a really really good new lawyer, or a differently minded lawyer, also possibly funded by investors, who will attempt to get Marshall the same or a lesser sentence without his having to sing for his supper.  If he'd been abandoned by his lawyer because the investors stopped paying him - to the point of choosing a court ordered attorney - would it be better to just take the same plea?  I realize I'm at a disadvantage here because I'm not an attorney from New York City.

Carl said:
It is all very possible.  It is hard to really tell.  We won't find out until February 11th apparently.  I don't see why the investors would even waste any more money trying to defend Marshall.  I would think they would want to save their money for their own defense.  DA Sullivan is a Bush appointee.  It could be possible that they are stalling to have him replaced by an Obama appointee who could drop or draw out the case to where it is meaningless to the tribe's progress on getting a casino.  All speculation mind you.

11:38 pm est

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vermont Pols Casino Madness
"Consider a state-owned casino in a resort area like Killington, with net profits directly to roads, bridges and infrastructure." - Vermont Auditor Thomas Salmon
It seems the predatory gambling crowd wants a piece of the action in Vermont now.  Instead of Cabot cheese, this guy wants a Casinos please.  But the gov being in his right mind is saying, no thanks.  Why bring in an industry that would take away from the ski resort industry?  Why would it even have to be "state-owned".  That is real nice, a state monopolized industry taking from private industry.  Even Maine knew better than to bring casinos anywhere near ski country.  The resorts saw the writing on the wall and threw their support for the CasinosNo! cause.  Casino resorts are self sustaining and don't need surrounding industry for much support or give any economic multiplying effect.  Unless you want one new Dunkin Donuts like Foxwoods has.  I don't know how much will be left after losing at black jack for lift tickets and equipment rentals.
The thing that really confuses me about governments that promote gambling as a revenue source especially in recessed times is this, are not gas taxes and such supposed to go for infrastucture construction and road repair?  Are they mismanaging this money so badly that they need a predatory industry to dig themselves out of a hole of their own making?  Granted we have the Big Pig and the Mass Turnpiker.  What is up in Vermont to mess up?  I suppose if you are looking to soak the poor and addicted with the fantasy of casino winning riches to fill state coffers, then there is a lot to mess up.
4:20 pm est

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Casino Joan
"I don't think he (Gov. Patrick) wants to get into a fight he can't win.  I think what he will be doing is testing and looking and waiting and also watching to see what kind of interest he has, especially in the House... if the members start saying, 'Wait a minute, we are another billion short and we can make this up just in (casino) licensing fees in a couple of years.'" - MA State Senator Joan Menard, Fall River
Gee Joan, thanks for you and Sen. "But for" Pacheco in thinking of how great a casino in SOCO or western MA would be.  Oh yeah, you are just thinking of the budget revenues it would create.  I'm glad you think that "there is a market" here for casino operators and you consider giving preferences to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.  Ever consider your constituents.  You know the people who live in your district like me.  By the way Joan, have you decided what to do with the tainted campaign donations you recieved from Glenn Marshall yet?  I know it was only $400, but if Rep. Matthew Patrick of Falmouth can remember recieving his donation from Marshall 6 years ago, I'm sure you can too.  Considering all the donations that state pols receive, it wouldn't be a surprise if a conversation came along with the donation at some point especially if anyone is going to remember it from 6 years ago.  Maybe you don't remember.  Just reminding you.  While I'm at it, are you going to return or donate to charity the $600 from the unindicted co-conspirators Shawn Hendricks and Desire' Moreno?  You may have missed those also.
One big dream of casino revenue pols and proponents of casino gambling don't take much into account is if you have to set up or expand a governmental agency like a "Pedatory Gambling Gaming Commission" by tens or hundrens of millions of dollars just to "supervise" the industry, chances are it is not an industry you want in your state.  Unless you you want to expand government control and create jobs, hack jobs.  Government by the pols and for the pols seems to be their mantra.
Last question, if you think Gov. Patrick feels this is "a fight he can't win," why do you think you can win?  Just a thought.
Anonymous said:
The Rapist and Serial Liar had his sentence reduced based on squealing like a pig and providing everything you never wanted to know about who violated laws, took cash, who promised things, conversations, and maybe even phone calls with local officials negotiating a casino before the tribe was recognized.
If any politician believes they're not tarnished by any contribution
or gratuity, think again.  Abramoff recorded every free meal, every favor and every conversation.  Otherwise, the man would have been sentenced to 200 years in prison. Don't you think Abramoff told Marshall to do the same?  Anything free from the Tribe comes with a cost.  And every single politician better review their list of donors because Glenn remembers!
Anonymous also said:
After Glenn Marshall's indictment on December 22 (what a wonderful
Christmas present, I might add! What fed can I thank for that timing?), that should have sent chills to any who had contacts with this man.  He's done prison time before so should feel right at home!
They need to revisit their recollections and what they received. 
Glenn talked about going to local M'boro restaurants.  Was he picking up the tab?
And if he handed someone a campaign contribution, along with 5 or 6 others, did that gain access? Did Joan listen more because she got a handful of checks? And what of others?  I'm so glad you keep raising these issues.
I'm not sure about this stuff, but it doesn't smell good.  After Wilkerson, politicians rank lower than used car salesmen.
Anyone now supporting casino gambling better look at their list of
campaign donors. I can't help thinking 'You might be next.'
George Carney and family are generous contributors to assure support for slots. BTW, have you checked out Senator 'But For's' list?
This needs to change.
12:01 pm est

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh, What A Tangled Web He Weave
An attorney from Ropes & Gray wrote an e-mail to tribe members Tuesday saying that Hendricks’ letter “inaccurately implied that Ropes & Gray rendered an opinion interpreting the tribe’s constitution.”
Short and sweet.  This probably shouldn't be front page news on any paper because we already know this.  The Cape Cod Times needs to start asking for better references when it comes to getting comments from a Hendricks crowd.  Shawn Hendricks is a liar.  Like Glenn, like protege'.  This is nothing new.  This guy doesn't deserve a fair shake of any kind.  He is only grasping at straws as he awaits to be to Glenn Marshall what Chuck Turner was to Dianne Wilkerson.
Anonymous said:
Didn't Adam Bond identify Stephen Graham as being a participant in the IGA negotiations?  Well, never mind, but McDermitt's resignation included a reference to Ropes and Gray.
Does this Tribe even know what's going on? And are they even asking any questions?  And public comments indicate opinions offered by 3 law firms.  How many law firms does a Tribe of 1500 need?  Capable of Self Governance?  I think NOT!
I'm sorta thinkin' that we'll see more indictments.  And I'm sorta thinkin' Middleboro's gotta problem.  And I'm sorta thinkin' that casino gambling seems to attract the worst.
And I'm kinda thinkin' that the Cape Cod Times isn't reporting at its usual high standard.  I've been following the poor quality reporting on this issue and it's contradictory at best.  Instead of spitting out rumors, substance and facts are needed.
This Tribe is spending more money on attorneys and lobbyists and campaign contributions than they have even figured out.  Were that money spent on Tribal members who need assistence, it might make more sense.  $4 MILLION? For 1500 members?  If that was 750 families, that would be $5,333 for each family. It looks like a Tribe that was cheated, shortchanged and lied to by its leaders.
11:22 pm est

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Antagonistic Comments
(He) "did not like the tone." - Stephen Spataro, Middleborough Board of Selectman
Oh, the pain, the pain Mr. Spataro must feel for the corrupt laden Mashpee tribe.  He along with 3 other members doesn't want to bruise their tender situation any further with such a harsh statement as:
“...discuss those events and to assess the impact on our Intergovernmental Agreement.”
The line had to be deleted from a letter from the BoS to the Mashpee Tribal Council asking them to meet jointly.  I suppose no other wording would have been acceptable.  There is no "tone" to this statement.  It is a statement of purpose.  This is why they want to meet.  If it had said,
"...spit profanities at each other about the lying, cheating, stealing and dismember the irreparable damage on our sub par Intradictatorial Proclamation,"
then I would agree.  But it is not.  There were no feelings or "tone" in the original statement.  I would like to know where the loyalties of the Middleborough Five really are.  How is it, as in the words of CFO member Allin Frawley puts it,
"(the selectmen) should not pretend nothing’s wrong.” 
I don't believe they are pretending.  They know what is going on.  I wouldn't buy a used pre-owned mule from this bunch. It amazes me that anyone would think they could ever get a better deal by going back to the table and renegotiate the IGA or not explore the possibility of killing it. What is it about the tangled web weaved by the investors/lobbyists/casino lawyers/corrupt tribal members that makes them think they can trust any of them. THEY DID NOT NEGOTIATE THE IGA WITH THE TRIBE! "The Tribe" was not at the table. It was investors and lobbyists "for the tribe", meaning for Corrupt Glenn Marshall. There was no one from tribe there. Who was telling Marshall what to do illegally, the investors and lobbyists. Who advised the shunnings and election fixing, the now almost resigned lawyer. McDermott's grubby fingers were in everything that was going wrong in the tribe. All this corruption has everything to do with them being recognized by the feds after decades. It is in the indictment of Glenn Marshall.  You can read it and be smarter than most of the Middlborough Five.  Who on the BoS has read that besides Adam Bond?  The sole purpose of Glenn Marshall's and unindicted co-conspirators Shawn Hendricks and Co. actions was to commit fraud, violate campaign finance laws etc and gain something they hadn't achieved by facts alone. Cash equals recognition. That is what corruption is about, get what you want regardless of the law.
This is not to say there are not noble members of the Mashpee Tribe or on their Tribal Council.  There is no evidence that leads to the contrary.  Those members are trying to do the right thing and Hendricks & McDermott are gasping for their last breathe.  7 Of the 13 members showed to fix the problem.  Where were the other six and why weren't they there?  I sure hope they were unable to attend because of situations beyond their control.  I would hate to think those other 6 have something to hide also.  How can a tribe be self governing if almost half of its governing body is in cahoots with the rotting head?  Oh, the pain, the pain.
Gladys said:
Holy Beezwax, Batman!
What's going on here?!  Offensive comments about the obvious!  No!  This is an outrage!  I know that I'm still waiting for my apology for the ACTUAL INSULT of being called a "braying donkey".  And that of my friends who took the time to attend an outdoor meeting on an 80-something-degree summer day and labeled "idots" for their trouble.  And those towns in the region who are still smarting over that trash reference. Obviously there has been an oversight.  Perhaps next week we can petition the gentle Board of Ineptmen that those monikers and the bad attitude that accompanyed them be banished from history.  In fact, let's re-write history.  Let's pretend that Middleboro waited for all the impacts to be calcuated.  That they held public educational forums.  That they didn't do whatever the Tribe wanted, even though the Tribe, in reality wasn't in THAT much of a hurry.  But who really needs reality in the Twilight Zone?  Isn't that half the fun?  To do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it?  Weeeeeeeeee!
Carl said:
Gladys, you CRAC me up.
Anonymous said:
Whoa! I like your wording much better. It defines the scum the town
got in bed with appropriately and how blindly 4 members of that Board behaved.  Minni Ma's feelings must be hurt by the things you've
said about her friends.  The Gavel Queen keeps saying we didn't sign the IGA with Glenn Marshall, we signed the agreement with the 'tribe'
whoever that means.  Well, you didn't negotiate with the 'tribe' whoever that means either.
Board of Ineptitude? You got that right!  I'm glad you said that the lazy members on that Board couldn't be bothered to read the indictment. Why risk eye strain?
Thank you CFO bloggers for being there, for reminding us and for
allowing us to believe we're not alone thinking what you're saying. You bloggers have taken the heat, but you've remained steadfast in opposing this sordid deal.  Get in bed with a rapist? Pleeeese!  But I'm starting to believe that you're opposing something that no longer exists.
The investors are tanking along with the economy.  Twin Rivers has been silent but they'll default on another payment or two, renegotiate loans or file bankruptcy for the whole group at some point.  Herbie is begging for new money.  Scotty is mysteriously silent.  Feds got your tongue? 
And SCOTUS will bury IGRA once and for all.  Stephen Spatero is up for election in April. It's time for the town to replace him with someone who has a brain.  Remember, stupidity isn't a crime.
11:55 am est

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Silence Is Deafening
"This whole process started in Middleborough, and it will end with Glenn (Marshall) in federal court.  I know, for myself, I want to see it through to the end." - Richard Young, president of Casino Free Mass and chairman of
Will this help bring the end of the silence the has engulfed many on the crooked end of the proposed resort casino in Middleborough?  We can only hope.  Marshall is heading off to admit his guilt and then should be sqealing like a pig when asked all the important questions, what, where, when, how and who else.  Shawn Hendricks, current Mashpee Tribal Council Chairman and protege, has been silent since the announced indictment.  He has remained silent even as the rest of the tribe tries and fails again to get a meeting going to resolve the obvious attachments Hendricks has in the case.  Some of the tribe may have their issues, but Hendricks won't open his mouth.  His lawyer probably told him that.  Their spokespersons Gayle Andrews or Scott Ferson aren't talking.  Will his squeal break more silence.  I can't wait for "the other shoe to drop."  What a blessed sound.
Anonymous said:
Mr. Carl,
I, for one, believe you are being unnecessarily harsh and cruel to poor Mr. Fearsome. He has worked hard and prevailed. After all, he said the casino was inevitable and would be constructed in 18 months. Since only 21 months have passed, you are clearly nitpicking. That casino can go up in a mere FLASH.  You have failed to comment on the great progress, the massive exploratory work completed, the traffic study,
the in depth plans that were presented to the media. And don't forget the schmoozing!
The Tribe are friends. The Tribe met the Pilgrims and fed them. Felony convictions shouldn't affect friendships.  Gayle Andrews is a well respected member who is just confused about her origins. You've heard of Sybil, right?  When Gayle needs the income, she's black and when there's a casino in view, she belongs to that Tribe. Now, who can fault a girl for being a gold digger?
12:39 pm est

Monday, January 5, 2009

Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day
There comes a time every once in a while that you have to wait and see that at some point that those who you feel are on the wrong other side of the gambling issue are going to see what we have been seeing and talking about for over a year.  Well, there were indications back on December 22, 2008 that Adam Bond, chairman of the Middleborough Board of Selectman, was seeing the light.  Now it has been confirmed.  I know the events surrounding the indictment of Glenn Marshall and his admission of guilt would not change Mr. Bond's view of the benefits of a casino to Middleborough and the surrounding communities far out weighing any negatives, but at least he understands that there is and always has been something drastically wrong with how this whole circumstance came about.
"Hypothetically speaking, of course, would knowing that the Tribal Chair and some of its Council members allegedly violated the campaign finance laws in pursuit of recognition made a difference in a contract that has as part of its terms good faith and fair deal and a long relationship of mutual trust and support. Would it have made a difference to the voters at Town Meeting? Would it have effected negotiations if the negotiators knew the alleged character of the individuals and entities on the other side of the table?"
The whole process, as I and others have witnessed, stunk to high heaven and it took a US Attorney to reveal it.  Mr. Bond can't help but be flabbergasted by his fellow selectman's reactions during that meeting on the 22nd.  The silence of Patrick Rogers, gavel queen Marsha Brunelle's lack of wanting townfolk's input and the utter ignoring of the facts by Dumb and Dumber.

Gov. Deval Patrick once said that ,"if done right" casinos could be beneficial to Massachusetts.  I am still waiting for a casino anywhere to be "done right."  It ain't being done right here in Middlborough.  At least a broken clock is right twice in one day.  I'll take a broken clock over a casino any day.


Gladys said:

I wouldn't actually call it "seeing the light" as much as "seeing the writing on the wall".  Light implies a breakthrough, an epiphany, enlightenment, wisdom...
In this case it's more like Bond recognizes NOW the the Feds are involved, that the bad deal he helped orchestrate in '07 might come back and bite him on the backside.
But honestly, I didn't have that much of a problem with his position, and even completely agreed with his thoughts about his fellow board members,  'till he started tossing out those "oaths" and "absolute alligiences" and "wreckless disregard for consequences".  Having watched the whole ordeal up close and personal, these phrases, used by Bond against his colleagues sent the hypocrisy meter went into overdrive.  Unbelievable. 
10:36 pm est

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