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In the course of human events it becomes inevitable to stand up and take action.  Some actions require the dissemination of information to inform and educate the masses.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is at a crossroads.  First there was tha Mashpee Wampanoag Middleborough Resort Casino that has failed under a February US Supreme Court ruling.  But they and the Aquinnah Tribe of Martha's Vineyard stubbornly and continually attempt to hit the jackpot vying for an Indian run casino in Southeastern MA. 
MA Governor Deval Patrick and the Democrat led House and Senate leadership have passed a gaming law to bring 3 commercial resort casinos and 1 slot parlor.  The battle is continual against such stupidity.
I hope to display and comment upon effectively quotations from various individuals their convictions and attitudes on this pressing subject.  May it educate, inform and entertain you thoroughly. 

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A New Thanksgiving Tradition?
Not if I can help it.  Besides, since both have leadership and money issues, this will never happen.
Have a casino free Thanksgiving everyone.
7:32 pm est

MASC Update
After the word getting out concerning the proposed resolutions of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees contained previsions which included items to advocate a rise in the state income tax and promotion casino gambling in MA, the MASC due to pressure from activists and members ammended their resolutions at their anual meeting last weekend and removed such foolish advocacy.  Another victory for the good guys.
Thank you to Kathleen Norbut of for taking the hand-off and running for a 95 yard touchdown.
And, Happy Thanksgiving!
10:37 am est

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Follow The Leader

Following the lead of the Massachusetts Teachers Association (The MTA or the reverse ATM, it takes money from you) the Massachusetts Association of School Committees at its MASC/MASS 45th Annual Joint Conference on November 18-21st, 2009 has its Report of the Resolutions Committee with the following item:

[Submitted by the MASC Advocacy Committee]

WHEREAS in the current economic crisis, school finance has become a more critical component to ensure that students receive a public education that helps them reach high levels of achievement and meet the state’s highest-in-the-nation standards,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Massachusetts Association of School Committees reaffirms its advocacy positions on funding of the public schools:...

• In order to generate additional funding necessary to finance the public schools and the range of social services necessary to support children and their families, the legislature take the following actions:

Restore the state income tax to 5.9%.

Explore the possibilities inherent in expanding casino-style gaming, including, but not limited to expansion of gaming devices at state race tracks or other approved venues...

RATIONALE: This sets out MASC’s proposals for revenue, including restoration of the sales tax and exploration of gaming...

The two big items to generate funding for schools are to raise your taxes while you hurting financially and bring in more gambling to fatten state coffers with money from the elderly, poor and addicted.

You need to find out who your local school committee is sending to this conference and let them know that Resolution 1 is bad for the state of Massachusetts and our children.  You have seen the videos, Slots for Tots Part 1, Slots for Tots Part 2 & Slots for Tots 2009.  Have them demand a vote to amend the resolution to take out such irresponsible fiscal policies.  I know mine is.

Contact the MASC Board of Directors and Division Officers today to have them remove such irresponsible resolutions from their statements of advocacy.

These are the people instructing our school committees on what is supposed to be their priorities?  Where did they go to school, The Carney/Wynn/Trump School of Finance?

10:17 pm est

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