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 September 12, 2007 began the year long photographic study of stream flow at the Old Forge Dam at the confluence of the Hunt River and Potowomut River. At the time the state of Rhode Island was suffering from a summer long lack of rain and concerns of a drought was on the minds of state officials. By using photographs combined with the data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey provided by their gaging station on site scientific data becomes more understandable by the general public.


To see the daily photographs taken at Old Forge Road Dam go to the site below.  The sequence of images go from first to last, the most recent photograps are found on the last page.

GO HERE: Daily Photographic Record of Stream Flow at Old Forge Road Dam

GO HERE: U.S. Geological Survey Hydrologic Unit. Old Forge Road

GO HERE: U.S. Geological Survey, Hydrologic Unit, Fry Brook and Hunt River

GO HERE: 2010 Spring Rain Storms and Damage at Old Forge Rd.