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Reunion, Part II

We would like to thank the following people for contributing photos for this page: Paul Benos, Jim Gallagher, Brian Merrick, Ed Portner

If you have photos to share, please attach them to an e-mail as a .jpg file and send them to Candid Photos . A resolution of 72 works best.

We would especially like photos of Joe Carota's performance; we were too busy laughing to take pictures!


Saturday evening brought the dinner dance, the focal point of the weekend. We were greeted by committee members and gifted with a directory of class members as well as an amusing prop: hand-held masks picturing our smiling faces just as they appeared in the 1962 yearbook!

The first order of business was to marshal the troops for the class photo -- a task that must have reminded the photographer a bit of herding cats. In the end we minimized the chaos and got a decent portrait. If you haven't seen the picture, click on "Group Photo" in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Next came a delightful dinner and the chance to table-hop and mingle with people we may not have seen in decades. Some brave souls also visited the dance floor to "shake it" to the sound of 50's and 60's tunes.

After dinner, class president Willie Farrington introduced the reunion committee and thanked them for their efforts.

Nobody will deny that Joe Carota, who graciously offered to entertain, was the hit of the evening.  He performed a hilarious and amazing comedy/magic routine, assisted by the ever engaging Hank Tuohy and David Burns (that handerkerchief dance was a classic, Dave). Joe has authored several books on magic and enjoys teaching the craft to children.

More socializing and dancing followed, during which the DJ played classmate John Egan's recording of "I Was the One." (John has continued to play, arrange, and record music since his teen days with the "Monterreys" and other notable local rock 'n roll groups of the era.) Click here to hear some of his music.

All too soon, another reunion was in the books and it was time to leave.  We all agreed that the reunion was a success mainly because of the classmates who attended. Many came from out of state, as far as California, but all arrived ready to rekindle old friendships and perhaps form some new ones. Every attendee contributed to the success of the evening.  Thank you, class of 1962!!


Wollaston Golf Club
Wollaston Golf Club, in Milton's Blue Hills, was the site of our reunion dinner dance.


Collecting a mask
Rebecca Merrick takes charge of husband Brian's mask


Photo Shoot

Trying to get organized and find a place to stand!

Foreground: Elaine Bello, Carole Menchi, Nancy Fleming, Nancy Kiernan, Pete Cutler

Seated, 1st row: Leslie Short, Myrna Schneiderman, Mary Sheehan, Joyce Hazel, Lyn Ferren, Jane Haven, Vivian Samuelian, Karen Shatz, Eileen King

Next row: Maureen Myatt, Marsha Leisher, Gail Perdriau, Martha Lien, Joanna Morganella, Maria Morganella, Linda Frederick, Linda Bourque, Pat Fitz,  Linda Hardy, Linda Kemp, Joyce Rotenberg, Jim Gallagher

Next row: Joe Beck, Joe Kerrissey, Bob Hogan, Paul Benos, Ellen Collins, Fran Finizio, Mark Williams, Fred Kibble

Top row: Roger Crawford, Jerry Burns, Dave Burns, Norman Pave, Willie Farrington, Jim Cercone, Paul Kelly


As Brian Merrick remarked, the real picture would have been watching these guys try to get up!! 
On Floor: Pete Cutler, Brian Merrick, Paul McDonough, Paul Brooks
Next row:  Bob Bates


Finally getting in line ...
Front row: Kathy Moran, Judy Leon, Dale Karisky, Paula Katz, Ginny Gallagher
Next row: Jim Gallagher, Bunni Harkins, Dave Deering, Nancy Role, Karen Phillips, Joyce Gilman, Bob McNay, Richard Binder
Next row: Russell Gillis, Jeff Starr, Brian Merrick, Paul McDonough, Bob Bates, Bill Mullen
Top Row, facing left: Paul Kelly


Gleesome Threesome 
Joyce Rotenberg Levine, Karen Shatz Baron, Lenny Levine


Entering the dining hall 
Rebecca Merrick, Lyn Ferren Smith


Cute couple! 
Larry and Arlene Abrams.


A Cool Table
Fred Kibble, Martha Lien Currier, Linda Kemp Kibble, Bob Bates, Alan Howie


East Milton "Kids"
Jim Gallagher, John Egan, Jim Cercone, honorary "Easties" Kate and Bruce MacKinnon


Sharp-Dressed Men!

Hank Tuohy and Roger Crawford


Old Friends

Maureen Myatt Jones and Paul McDonough


Say Cheese!!

Fran and Mandy Finizio


Sharing a laugh

Ed and Vivian Samuelian Portner; Linda Bourque Sullivan


Has it really been 25 years?

Gail Perdriau Parsons and Bruce MacKinnon


"The (Lovely) View"

Joanna Morganella Crowley, Maria Morganella, Nancy Fleming Petrucci, Linda Frederick Chiavoli


Girl Talk

Maureen Myatt Jones and Jane Gallivan Lynn


Taking a Breather

Joe Kerrissey, Russell Clark, Joyce Hazel Clark


Bon Appetit!

Russell and Joyce Hazel Clark, Betsy Mullen Mandell, Vivian Samuelian Portner, Ed Portner


Looking Good!

Russell Gillis and date


A Chorus Line?

Paul Brooks, Paul McDonough, Linda Hardy Bent, Frank O'Neill, Roberta Aron, Martha Lien Currier, Jerry Burns



 Frank O'Neill, Martha Lien Currier, Brian Merrick


High School Sweethearts

Terry and Jane Lynn


Mr. Hefner?

Oh, no.  It's just Paul McDonough, with Carla Mc Donough, Maureen Myatt Jones, and Jane Lynn


Perfect Portrait

Ed and Vivian Samuelian Portner


A Merry Group

Marcy and Dick DeWolfe, Elaine Bello Rowe

Background: Linda Kemp Kibble and Fred Kibble


Another Kodak Moment ...

Kay and Paul Benos


Table Hopping

Marcy DeWolfe, Elaine Bello Rowe,  Ken Rowe, Nancy Role (standing), Frank O'Neill, Paul Brooks, Terry Lynn, Juanita O'Neill


Attention, Please

Everyone sits down so Bill Farrington can introduce the reunion committee.


Reunion Committee

Bill Farrington, Paul McDonough, Fred Kibble, Eleanor Kantaros Metro, Joyce Gilman Schultz, Dee Rogers Penachio, Fran Finizio, Joyce Rotenberg Levine, Vivian Samuelian Portner, Linda Hardy Bent, Hank Touhy

Also present, but too short to be visible: Marsha Leisher McCormick