Moving Images

There's no disputing tastes, but here are my verdicts on films, TV, and other moving image media I've seen. It might give you an idea of what sort of person I am or help you to decide on your next movie rental. Don't blame me if you think I've steered you in the wrong direction. Some of these are foreign – meaning that they are not in English. If you have something against foreign works, then ignore those great works. (I know I did for a long time.) There's a lot of stuff missing here, but I did not mention just because I wanted to get this page up before the Sun burns out. I've also done a list by title and a separate foreign language list. Also, I did not include everything I like here, just what I either had a strong reaction to or loved or stuff I was revulsed by (see the "Crap" section below). I've boldfaced some of the one I believe those perusing the list should see first.

§ Comedy

§ Documentary

§ Drama

§ Experimental

§ Horror

§ Science Fiction/Fantasy

§ Suspense/Thriller

§ Television

§ Crap

"... the goal for all art... is to explain to the artist himself and to those around him what man lives for, what is the meaning of his existence.  To explain to people the reason for their appearance on this planet; or if not to explain, at least to pose the question."  – Andrey Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema