I generally go for what is considered Classical music, especially stuff from the Baroque and Romantic periods, and Jazz. I also like Rock and some Alternative. Throw in some Techno and a tiny bit of Folk, and you've roped off my musical pasture. I used to go for larger works, though now I tend to like smaller ones, especially for solo instruments and for string quartets.

For the record (no pun intended), I've continue to struggle with playing piano, guitar, and violin. I compose a little too. All of this is more for personal enjoyment. I have no illusions about becoming anything more than a fumbler in music.

§ Early Music

§ Baroque

§ Romantic

§ Other Classical

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§ Folk

§ Ambient/Techno/Other

"It's for this reason that music can be transcendent. For a few moments it makes us larger than we really are, and the world more orderly than it really is. We respond not just to the beauty of the sustained deep relations that are revealed, but also to the fact of our perceiving them. As our brains are thrown into overdrive, we feel our very existence expand and realize that we can be more than we normally are, and that the world is more than it seems. That is cause enough for ecstasy." – Robert Jourdain, Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy: How Music Captures Our Imagination