My Works Listed by Subject

Also listed by title.

§ Economics

Free Banking FAQ
Macroeconomics for the Real World (The Thought )

§ Epistemology

Comments on Pancritical Rationalism (Extropy List)
A Dialogue on Happiness (The Thought)
Mathematic Empiric (Objectivity 1(6))
Perception and Realism (The Thought)

§ Esthetics

Architecture: The Missing Art Form (Full Context)
Censorship and Art (Published on several lists. This is the latest version.)
Communication Breakdown: The Novels of Stanislaw Lem (The Thought )
An Enlightening Scotsman (Summa Philosophiae )
Finding Good Art: A Challenge for Objectivists (The Free Radical #23.)
Form and Content in Poetry: A Reply Jackie van Oostrom (Not published anywhere but here.)
Gabriel Marquez's In Evil Hour (Laissez-Nous Faire!)
Goethe Influenced Rand? (The Connection)
Interesting Parallels: Kenyon Cox and Ayn Rand on Art (Full Context )
Letter-to-the-editor (In Principle)
Looking Backwards: Goethe and Rand (In Principle )
Lovecraft Again (Formerly published at Dave Euchner's web site.)
The Many Births of Free Verse (Not published anywhere but here.)
The Philosophy in Lovecraft's Art (Full Context)
Response to David C. Adams on Rand's View of Romanticism (Once promised to be published in The Free Radical, but now only here.)
Romanticism: Beyond Rand (The Free Radical #34)
Toward an Esthetics of Horror (Summa Philosophiae)

§ Objectivism in General

Dialectical Objectivism: An Answer to Ronald E. Merrill (Moderated Discussion of Objectivist Philosophy)
Remarks on Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand (The Connection)
Virtues in Objectivism: Fragment of a Discussion (Stormwatch BBS)

§ Philosophy and Methodology of Science

Olber's Paradox: Its Limits and Assumptions
Scientific Revolutions Reconsidered (Full Context )
Testing Evolutionary Explanations (Published on several lists. This is the latest version.)

§ Poems

Contact (Nightfall of the Diamonds.)
Haiku (Composed about a decade ago, but never published.)
Love in Ancient America (The Thought)
Post-Psychoanalysis of History (Freedom In Our Time.)
Ubar (Not published anywhere but here.)

§ Politics and Political Philosophy

Anarchism, Minarchism, and Freedom
Baxter on Births, Individualism, and Inheritance (Writers Exchange)
Comments on the War with Iraq (The Thought )
Family, Social Order, and Government (The Thought)
Free Market Anarchism: A Justification (The Thought)
Knowledge is Power (In Principle)
A Minor Flaw (The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies )
Ms. Nietzsche (The Thought)
Rand the Libertarian (The Thought)

§ Short Stories

Bad Habit (KaspahRaster)
Hecate Slide
The Hills of Rendome (The Thought )
Meat Factory (KaspahRaster.)
Other Minds (The Thought )
Reconciliations (Not published anywhere but here.)
Revelations (Oasis)
Splitting Hares (The Thought)

§ Space Settlement and Transhumanism

For a Free Frontier: The Case for Space Colonization (The Free Radical #21.)
Freedom Above or Tyranny Below (The Thought)
A Late Answer to Bob Black (The Thought)
Space: The Forgotten Frontier (KaspahRaster and The Thought.)
What is posthumanism? (KaspahRaster and The Thought.)