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Bamboo Rod Links

Links to Rodmaking Collecting & Restoration Sites
Power Fibers- Online Magazine: Bamboo Rodmaking, Split Bamboo Rods
Online Hexrod Program: Taper Library, Garrison Stress Curve Calculator
Max Rodcraft (Max Satoh - Japan): Rod design by deflection
Rodmakers Tips FACS & Techniques: A list of links to  rodmaking sites etc
Rods and Rodbuilding: Techniques, Tips & Tools
Making a Bamboo Fly Rod Part 1: Harry Boyd takes you through the process step-by-step (link to part 2 at end)
Restoring Bamboo Rods: Principles & Practice slide show by Doug Easton

American Bamboo Rodmakers Association


Douglas Easton: Bamboo Rodmaker, Restorer and Collector