Thursday, August 28, 2003's something not altogether boring...we had one of those microburst thunderstorms come through last night and when it left it took a 30x10 foot section of my vinyl siding with it...I was returning from picking up my son at football practice when the storm blew up. By the time I got home the damage was done...several large pieces of siding were in my front yard. least I was luckier than my bosses boss...he had part of his roof taken away and I saw a few cars with major tree-limb damage.

Nothing on the mapping front...we're going to try another test tonight on glider up on the Crowbars of Justice game server (7pm pst I think)...just click the link to the right for details.

HAMMER TIP #2: If you place models in your map you must clip them out so players can's pass through them (unless it's a grass model of course). A clip can be any inivisible brush...either use the clip texture or one of the material textures. If you use the clip texture just place the brush over the model and you're done. Bullets will pass through this the clip brush is actually better used to deny certain area's of the map to players. For models like tanks and tree-trunks and the sort use the appopriate materials texture instead because it will give off effects when shot...if you do use a materials texture you'll have to make your solid a entity brush...usually a func_wall. Make sure your func_wall render FX is set to normal, the Render Mode set to either solid or texture or additive and the FX amount set to 0. You can also set the light flags to throw a shadow by selecting Opaque (Blocks Light).

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Well...I took my kids to the local Office Depot to pick up some school supplies...we had this massive list of stuff to pick up; 1" 3-ring binders, Sharpies, Kleenex, Three-Subject notebooks, Composition books, #2 pencils, Pencil sharpener and so an and so forth. Damn near cost me $80.

I figure this must be a racket perpertrated on us by the manufactures of said products because when I was a kid (oh no...Mr Wes is off on a "back when I was a child" rant) we went to school...we had a couple of pencils, a few notebooks with paper inside and that was that. They gave us our PE kids have to buy theirs...we had one pen and used the teachers pencil kids have thin pens, thick pens, colored pens, and fancy pens along with mechanical pencils, laser-beam pens and so I'm here to tell you the BIC company is probably all behind the "Back-to-School" movement...along with American Eagle for "back-to-school-clothes" and Eastbay for "Back-to-school backpacks... speaking of backpacks...when I was a kid we carried out books and it wasn;t so hard...the kids today haul around about 75lbs of crap in their bags all day...we're going to create a nation of people with lower back pain. was a Back-to-School night for all of us. No mapping tonight to speak of. I played a bit of DoD and BF1942 late tonight. I figure we're pretty close to releasing DoD 1.1 due to all the things I've been hearing so it should be a fun couple of weeks on the PC front.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Came home a bit early's the first day of school where I live and my daughter (15 going on 28) was dressed to the hilt in the latest American Eagle outfits (she's so taken by material things...these darn kids) designed to show off as much clevage and skin as allowed in school these days so I did the usuall double-take and marvelled at how pretty she looks (I wonder if it really is the mailman who's to blame).

My son Sam, who is 11, is starting middle know...the one where you get different teachers for every subject. So it's a brave new world for the little dude...anyway...I came home early to see how his day went (my wife is working full time this week at her running shoe store). We are currently filling out 27 different forms on everything from emergency information to "What I did on my Summer Vacation" papers.

The scheduled dod_glider test on spies had trouble...the server was acting up. This is something that usually never happens w/these guys (I've had dozens of tests there already) but their support of DoD is exemplary so it's no big deal. As I am want to say...Beggers can't be choosy.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Not a lot of time for the PC today...put in a rock and wine-barrel garden with a few red and white perennials and did some yard work triming back the trees. I also supported my wife on one of her long runs...she ran 23 miles today and I go out ahead of her and provide her the drinks so she can run that far...she calls me her personal support team...I call it pussy-whipped :)

We're going to have a test of dod_glider up on the server tonight at can pick up a copy of the files at Crowbars of Justice (I to the right).

Tonights Hammer Tip #1: Use the func_wall_toggle if you want to show a wall that takes damage during the playing of a map. Make the wall normal...then make a damaged version of it...make both sets of brushes func_wall_toggles with the same name. Make the damaged on "invisible on start" (it's a check-box on the tab). Use something in the map to trigger the two walls...say a invisible breakable in front of the wall set to 1000 health. Set the "target on break" field to the name of your two func_wall_toggles. Once someone shoots that breakable enough it to make it break it will trigger the two walls and the good wall will disappear and the busted one will show up magically in it's place. An example of this technique is the church tower in dod_jagd...if you shoot the tower with a piat or a PanszerShreck the area right beneath the tower inside the church will show a ton of debris...enough so you can't access the tower anymore...that debris is a func_wall_toggle.

I drove my son to his college today. He's starting his second physical year at ODU in Virginia but I'm convinced it's his first year academically...or so I hope. Five hours down...five back...

I also finished up working on my new level design for the game Day of Defeat (a level is the place you run around in while playing a PC-game). It should get published in a few's a screen shot (double-click for full size):