Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Cool model tree-falling-down deal picture:


Trp. Jed model...FD/FT map

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

We're getting close on DoD 1.2. There's been a lot of activity in Valve as they prepare for all the new stuff (CS-CZ, HL2, etc) and I've been busy updating dod_glider and working on dod_falaise. I'm not sure when 1.2 will be released but I sense movement in the Force and am trying to wrap up my map changes.

Shouts out to Trp Jed...he of the HLMV, and that weather deal thing, and all those cool new models...check out his wonderboy site RIGHT HERE. He also has a wonderful set of Brit and Canadian para player models that you can d/l. Check him out!

Some new pics:

Pic One
Pic Two
Pic Three
Pic Four
Pic Five