Thursday, May 27, 2004

The new National WW2 Memorial will be dedicated this Saturday and I'll be there. I went and picked up tickets this morning on the Mall in Washington DC. It's a few miles from the actual memorial but I had a great time yakking it up with Veterans. One spoke of flying The Hump in Burma, one Naval Aviator said he took off from the Lexington which was subsequently sunk and had to land on the Enterprise and one guy spoke of his time on Siapan. I listened to a 82d trooper describe his jump and sat in on discussions on the Tuskegee Airmen and then had the honor of listening the Sen.'s Dole and McGovern speak of their war-time experiences(Dole was in 10th Mountain and McGovern flew 35 combat missions as a B-24 pilot in Italy) was great to see the old timers and to see how truly excited they were to be there.
It was a grand day.

On the Mall looking towards the Washington Monument
On the Mall looking towards the Capitol
This is George...I held a place in line for him. He's a Vietnam Vet from Ventura California
This is inside the Reunion Tent. These are postings by Division name.
This was my Grandfathers unit. He was a Regimental Commander. Wounded on the outskirts of Hurtegen and evacuated to the States
A close up of the contact information.
82d Airborne Trooper speaking of jumping into Normandy. He landed 70yds from a German gun emplacement.
They had a small number of WW2 vehicles on show. Here's a motorcycle (doh).
Sherman Tank

I'll return Saturday and see if I can get some shots to show off the memorial and those folks who came to honor it.