Friday, February 04, 2005

Been mapping for ages on Falaise...but still don't have the dod textures/models/entities yet so it's slow-go. Have had fun though playing with's a small CS test map with:

1) Shutters that you can shoot open (phys_hinge)
2) Shutter that teeter-totters and falls off if shot (phys_ballsocket)
3) A one-way door that can come off it's hinges once shot (phys_hinge)
4) Ropes that break w/nade blasts
5) Roof beams that bust up when an explosive barrel explodes (breakables, etc)
6) Using displacement mapping for broken walls
7) Details for interior wall breaks (so your walls look realistic) some other stuff. BTW...if you have sv_cheats on you can use impulse 101 from the console and get all the weapons and blow stuff up real good...

VMF Mapping File
BSP Playable Test Map