Sunday, May 29, 2005

Started another Map Today

On to a new custom map...I've never made an outdoor map in the BiA or CoD tradition but I'm going to try. Here's a small test map I made this evening to experiement w/displacement and built some early hedgerows. We're going to need more foliage or all these outdoor maps will end up looking liek Ravenwood in HL2. One way we can do outdoor maps with the uber-accuracy of DoD weapons is to use fog to limit distance. Sry that all you see is one house and a small church...there's not much to the map outside of that for now.

Afternoon lighting

Overcast morning lighting

Overcast morning lighting

Overcast morning lighting

Overcast morning lighting

Overcast morning lighting

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Source Mapping Test Files

Here's a small CS test map with:

1) Shutters that you can shoot open (phys_hinge)
2) Shutter that teeter-totters and falls off if shot (phys_ballsocket)
3) A one-way door that can come off it's hinges once shot (phys_hinge)
4) Ropes that break w/nade blasts
5) Roof beams that bust up when an explosive barrel explodes (breakables, etc)
6) Using displacement mapping for broken walls
7) Details for interior wall breaks (so your walls look realistic) some other stuff. BTW...if you have sv_cheats on you can use impulse 101 from the console and get all the weapons and blow stuff up real good...

VMF Mapping File
BSP Playable Test Map

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars Episode III (spoliers ahead)

3 FD's out of 4. Brilliant FX, Solid story, average acting except for Yoda...he seemed to be the only actor with "chops" for most of the movie although Ewan redeemed himself at the end during his climactic battle w/Hayden, some unintentional silly moments where it was supposed to be heavy, Lucas should hire another writer and director for the emotional scenes between Natalie and Hayden (anyone could write better than he did for those parts) but I thought he did a good job w/emotional scenes between the male characters and although the Frankenstien references at the end were high-school level theatrics all the questions were answered, characters were established, and everything was set in motion for episode IV. The last dialog in the movie was uttered by the character who had the first words in very first Star Wars movie so it wrapped up nicely.

The one part I thought he really could have done better was the order to eradicate the Jedi. I think he meant for it to be like "The Godfather" and I think he missed a real chance for it to have emotional impact as the Jedi were hunted down and killed. Mace Windu's assumed demise was cheap...he was propelled out of a building to presumably fall to his death...but you didn't see the death. This movie begged for a death scene like in SPR where Pvt Melish is slowly killed by a knife in the needed a moment where your breath was taken away and your heart crushed. In the end we got a bunch of FX-laden deaths and no real connection between them and our hearts. This was the genocidal erradication of all Jedi life forms and it was handled in a 1 min exposition devoid of true emotion.

Also...the "birth" of the Crispy Chicken in the Vader suit was handled well up until Vader did the Frankenstien walk and did the "NOOOOOOOOO" cry and arm would have been far more emotional to see him slowly walk away after hearing news of Padme's death, lower his head and let the weight of the world pull him down (the last vestiges of Analkins theme music playing) followed by him slowly pulling himself erect and head up in full Darth Vader control (with the thunderous Vader theme taking over) if the last vestiges of his humanity fell away. As it was filmed it was hokey...people in my theater laughed when they should have been crying.

I really think Mr. Lucas could have pushed this to Godfather 1 had it all in this flic and although I enjoyed the movie it left me curiously devoid of emotion by the end.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

As Shane would say (my CoJ bud)..."Here's where FD pulls out that fanbois rant article...". For those waiting on DoD Source I remind you that is was one year ago this month we got the last major version of DoD. So to wait a year or more for the next version is not only's the norm in gaming circles outside of the periodicals (Madden, baseball, etc). So for all of you out there convinced you're getting screwed over read this first...comment second.

"But the biggest problem is the nature of a fan base. You hardcore fans can be bad news. You are often idiots with no perspective. You live with an exaggerated sense of self-importance, mistaking your own dedication for commercial significance. You don't know what's best for a game, because you rarely represent an accurate cross-section of the people buying the game. You don't understand that you rarely drive sales in any statistically significant sense. You’re just the guys with the loudest mouths. You might think the conventional wisdom is that your mouths drive the word of mouth. And they do. Among hardcore gamers. For everyone else, the word of mouth is driven by friends, the press, and the guys at EB who ask if you’d like the strategy guide for 30% off when you buy the game. "

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