Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here's the final release of dod_anvil. Now that Valve has put up a dod stats page I thought it prudent to place this at the top of the web page. Click here for the map Just unzip the dod_anvil.bsp file and place it in your Day of Defeat Source/dod/maps directory. Here's the map description:

June, 1944, France

Allied soldiers are trying to capture a small French town near the Falaise Gap in an attempt to cutoff the remainder of the German forces attempting to escape the Cotentin Pennisula. German Infantry have been sent to the rear to hold off the allies so the remainder of the German Army can escape to the east. It's the beginning of what will soon be called "The Miracle in the West"

Allied and Axis Objectives:
- Capture the 5 objective

Map by Wes "FuzzDad" Shull, 88mm model and 88mm icons by Ranson, Obj icons by Pedroleum

dod_falaise-gap (DoD 1.3 version)

This is a custom version of DoD 1.3's official dod_falaise that I made to correct problems (server crash problems) in the original dod_falaise. I released it almost a year ago but figured I should link to it here. For you mappers out there you can see some of the things I worked on and how they eventually made it into dod_anvil. Although Valve stopped buying maps for 1.3 ages ago I still occasional ask the guys if they'd reconsider (it's free to them as well).

Remember...It's a DoD 1.3 map (not Source)
Click here for the map

Just unzip the files (using folder names) to your day of defeat directory. Here are some pictures to show you the same scene in falaise and anvil (my falaise remake for Source) (click the picture):

As an added bonus try one of my other custom maps; dod_factory. Set in an industrial tank repair facility that allied bombing has reduced to non-functional status, there are still remnants of a German paratrooper company in the area: Click here for the map