Tuesday, August 22, 2006

dod_anvil2 released!

You can download the self installing map versions here:

Client file
For server side download
Zip file for Linux servers (better check my res file...not sure if it works)

Base Change Log:

1) Compressed gameplay w/major path changes.
2) No reports of a bad "sound looping" bug
3) Area's where there was either limited combat or a campers paradise have been removed.
4) Additional detail has been added.
5) FPS is generally better but probably a wash.
6) Replaced all the caps (except the mid cap) w/new "things".
7) All caps except mid only require one person.
8) Moved allied spawn exit up towards allied 1.
9) Lowered ambient sound (it's there but not overwhelming).
10) Optimized certain higher fps area's.

This version is NOT the rambling anvil you've played before nor is it your dad's anvil. Combat is brutal, it's faster, it rewards teamwork, and you can't just meander all over the place anymore...you are forced into combat zones and you are forced to fight. It also looks like CAL picked it up for their 6x6 and 8x8 divisions.

One problem identified last night: Some displacements refuse to show bullet holes. It might be my vmt files but I'm not updating them...too many folks have this version on their hard drives and I just can't map it anymore. It's been almost two years in the making from learning Source mapping to this release of anvil. Dontcha think it's time I moved on to something new?