Friday, November 10, 2006

News from Valve

Sorry I have not posted in a while...I've been working on some "stuff" that I'll post when I can...but in the meantime I saw this post at the DoD site and I think it's worthwile to notice. It's from John Morello...aka PIU. They are asking for testers. Here's the link:

From his post

1- Local to the Seattle area, and can commute to Bellevue where our offices are located and where you will be playing. (Or will be in the area in the next few months)
2- Have a few hours of free time on a weekday, starting between 2-5pm
3- Have interest in gaming, but vast experience is not required(outside of basic FPS ability). If you have a friend feel free to pass me their info also.

If you fit within these parameters and are interested, send me a PM with your name, contact info (email & phone if you like), and availability (what days/times). Also please note how much FPS experience you have (I play every night for 3 hours/I have played in the an FPS or 2 in the past/ whatever)

1- This is a one time thing (maybe more) for your enjoyment and our edification, NOT a paid position we are trying to fill (Though there will be free snacks and drink )
2- You'll be added to a list that at the moment is a little short so while it's likely you'll get a call, it's not guaranteed.
3- Only the most minimum of FPS experience is required (navigate the world with a mouse and keyboard). We'd love to have you if you've never played a Valve product.

See some of you soon