Saturday, December 16, 2006

What does your PC desk look like RIGHT NOW?!?!

Here's my desk..right now without cleaning or posing anything. Twin 21" Dell 2007's, MS Natural Keyboard, Steel Headset, mapping notebook (keep records of what I do), Logitech G5 mouse, coffee, diet soda, empty wine glass, iPod Nano, nice chair, games all over the place. You can't see it but to the left is my old P4 3.2 w/Belkin UPS backup.

Here's a link to more "RIGHT NOW" PC's:

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8800 GTX install and tested

I installed a XFX 8800GTX in my rig a few days ago. At first I heard this loud squealing sound from my PC...the board wasn't set properly. Blessed not to have fried anything I reseated the board and fired her up. I bounced around between the drivers XFX sent me, the 97.02 and ended up with the 97.44 drivers. I used Driver Cleaner Pro to clear my system of old driver remnants between installs. After playing around a while in various games I noticed this strange dip in perf from time to time. Here's an article on an incorrect resistor they put in many of the originally shipped cards:

I cracked the case and see if I got hosed but I'm going to need a magnifying glass...lettering is too small. But I stumbled on forcing some of my advanced settings using the new (not so good) nvidia control panel that have given me some interesting benchmark scores. The old card I had (nVidia 7900 plain vanilla) was slightly overclocked. The 8800 is not.

CS:S stress test on 7900: 88.52fps
CS:S stress test on 8800: 127.12fps
Lost Coast stress test on 7900: 61.13
Lost Coast stress test on 8800: 77.42

I have a DoDS map that I'm making for some un-named corporation and I have 7 auto-camera positions in the map to test fps after I make each map change. These scores were impressive:

7900 8800
cam1 64fps 153fps
cam2 82fps 125fps
cam3 75fps 128fps
cam4 82fps 149fps
cam5 70fps 106fps
cam6 78fps 126fps
cam7 76fps 190fps

I think the wild swings are due to me hitting more CPU-intensive sections of the map and with the 7900 the card matched well w/my my GPU outmatches my CPU by a wide margin so I expect I'll see some swings on a live match as well. I'll check my 3DMARK score when I get a chance to d/l the s/w. I don't expect a great score because my box is CPU-limited.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Comings and Goings

Bought my son an video iPod a while ago and "borrowed" his iPod Nano full time and have been listening to the TWiT podcast from Leo Laport and Amber Mac's net@nite shows. It's great stuff from IT junk to regular silliness. Highly recommended.

Played my first game of DoD:S in ages...the mapping thing I'm working on these days is taking all my time. I'm working on a multi-map project that may work or may bomb...but I'm trying something new and different from the regular DoD maps you've seen from me in the past. Should be fun!

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Monday, December 04, 2006

New look-n-feel

Screwing w/Blogger Beta right now. All sorts of trouble so blog looks like crap right now...gimmie a few days. I can't get the css template to work right in IE7 (or other browsers for that matter). BTE...I have news.