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Thank You

I just want to throw a word of thanks out to everyone who sent their condolences and words of encouragement and support these last few weeks. It was heartening to see how many friends my father had and we send our love and our gratitude. Our father will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on March 7th. It's a soulful and moving experience that lays foundation upon the rock that is our nation’s heritage and pays honor to those who gave their all to America. It’s also, due to the large numbers of daily WW2, Korean, and Vietnam veteran’s burials at Arlington, a necessarily short and concise ceremony that will start and finish within a prescribed 15 minute time period. I’ve been to several of the full military honors burials in the last few years and they are beyond descriptive narrative to easily explain. At every military burial I’ve been I’ve always felt pride and a feeling that although we are but a drop of water in the wide expanse of sea, we all matter and our lives have purpose and this ceremony best holds those feelings in front of us to see and touch and understand.

We’ll provide details and direction in later posts and emails to include the time, local hotels people can use, and any post-gathering information. My townhouse is some 20-miles west…it’s small but everyone is welcome if you need a place to stay either before or after the ceremony.

The immediate family needs to be at the church the 7th March @ 1230am The service will start promptly at 1pm

I was so grateful for the opportunity to pay my respects to such a wonderful man as Col. Shull. It was even better being able to see the Shull family in its entirety! Much love to Wes, Eric, Karin, Alex, Andy, and Mrs. Shull!

Love, Lorrie (Buckreis) Via

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