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DoDS Update coming

The new DoDS update will be here "soon". For those of you interested in what "soon" is in Valve Time I ask you to go here.

The update itself should be a collection of bug fixes, exploit fixes for the official maps, a new map, achievements, a move to the EP2 Orange Box Engine, Cone of Fire tweeks, POV fix, and assorted other changes. I'm not sure about all the content and when items will be released but it's going to be a ambitious update. What's impressive about this (and yea...I'm a Valve fanboi and proud of it) is DoDS has been around, in some form or fashion, for almost 10 years now and they still take the time to update some of their old back catelogue. Considering DoDS is a $10 game I'm hard-pressed to understand why they are doing it...but I'm glad they are.

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