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Welcome to my website.  On these pages I intend to share some of the results of my interests in photography, astronomy, scuba diving, kite flying, and birds.  I am also using this site to share my work on listing color-contrast double stars and anything else that might be of interest to others.

NEW August 2011 - Supernova in M101

Kite Flying
with Revolution™ Quad-line Stunt Kites

Antman's Stallion Rev

My Custom Revolution Kite (top) with Flag Revs
Click on photo for larger version

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See our still photos of the 2010 Maryland International Kite Festival (MIKE) in my Revolution Forum Gallery

Visit my YouTube channel for videos of kiting, scuba, and other topics.

iQuad Team flies to Indiana Jones theme at Maryland International Kite Festival 2010

Local team Rev Riders performs to "Riders on the Storm" at Ocean City, MD on 4/24/10

14 Rev Kite Mega-Fly

Misc kite flying clips from MIKE 2010

TOO MUCH FUN 3 Kite Ballet to "Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Video of Wildwoods Int. Kite Festival

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Check out the website of the Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers for more of my astrophotos and useful info.