Instructions for Album Art Wizard

* Click an album listing in the scrolling view for search options.
* The Internet Extended search takes longer, but may yield better results.
* For local sdcard searches, place all of your album art files (.jpg, etc) here:

TIP - a good image size for your local art files is around 200x200 pixels. Also, the closer to "square" in aspect ratio, the better. I use Photoshop to edit my art files.

* You can search for all missing art with 1 click (Menu->Find Missing Art). This is a very intensive search of the internet and will take some time, depending on how much missing art you have. The good news is that as long as you don't *kill* the app with the back button, you can go off and do other things (texting, calling, other apps, etc) while the the search is going on. You will get messages in the status bar as art is found, and when the search is complete.