Page Ring Overview and Instructions Manual

This app doesn't request any weird access permissions like 'read personal contact info' or 'intercept phone calls'. Data will NEVER leave your phone. Be VERY wary of granting access permissions to apps.

Page Ring is not going to be constantly updated to where one day things work and then one day (right when you really needed it) there was a glitch due to a recent update.

If you have ANY questions or ANYTHING you want to discuss with me about this app, I am available - just write me at

The app takes up very little of your phone's valuable storage space. Remember, there's only so much space you have to store apps.

Page Ring should NEVER "force close". EVER. I personally use it all the time, and have yet to see it crash. I have been using it for about 3 months. I put considerable effort into my apps to properly avoid the dreaded "force close" situations.


Section 1 - Controls

ON BUTTON - turns the listener process on (makes it active). When the listener is active, and you receive an SMS text message containing your keyword, the ringer will be turned on to maximum volume. You can also set your phone to silent or vibrate mode, or invoke the pager function - see instructions at the bottom of this section^^.

OFF BUTTON - turns the listener process off (makes it inactive). This button will also stop the pager sounds if they are currently active. You can immediately turn the listener back on again (recommended) without the pager sounds starting again

KEYWORD EDIT FIELD - allows you to type your desired keyword (which will actually change when you press the CHANGE BUTTON)

CHANGE BUTTON - changes your keyword to what is typed in the KEYWORD EDIT FIELD

AUTO-START CHECKBOX - when checked, the listener will automatically start when you reboot (power up) your phone. This is the recommended setting.

SHOW ICON CHECKBOX - when checked, an icon will appear in the status bar to let you know the listener is running.

^^To set your phone to silent or vibrate mode, or invoke the pager function, just modify the keyword in your text message to end with the letters 'off', 'vib', or 'page'.

For example, if your keyword is set to 'kiss', the following words included in your text will cause these to happen:

kiss - turns your ringer on to maximum volume
kisspage - invokes the pager function. Your phone will beep until you stop it from the phone itself, or after 60 seconds. Note: stop the pager sounds with the OFF button.
kissoff - sets your phone to silent mode
kissvib - sets your phone to vibrate mode


Section 2 - Usage

Just a few ideas on why you might want to use this ...

Say you're late for a date and can't remember where you put your cell phone. So you'd like to just call your cell from your land line, or maybe send your cell a text via email so you can hear where it is. But uh-oh, you remember setting it on vibrate. No problem, just use this to have your phone page you!

You don't want to miss an important text from a friend, just because you had temporarily turned the ringer down or set on vibrate. Tell your friend your keyword and tell them to include it in the message. So they might send something like 'Hey the party is at Lisa's house! tambourine lol'. When the message comes in, it will wake up your ringer (regardless of whether you had it set on vib or silent), and you will hear the important message coming in.

Any other reason you just need to remotely control your ringer mode or have the phone start paging you.