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Thank you for visiting my Web pages. I hope they've been helpful, or at least of interest to you. If you've any comments, corrections or suggestions, I'd be very interested to hear them---send me e-mail.
..... My résumé is available here.



William Adams was born in 1966 in Osan, Korea. 

Military brat. Grew up in Korea, Japan and various parts of the U.S., speaking Korean, Japanese and English, eventually settling on English, forgetting the other two. Enlisted in US Air Force after graduating from high school in rural Virginia. Trained at the Presidio of Monterey, DLI-FLC, CA; GAFB, TX; Ft. Meade, MD, served at Osan AB, Korea.
..... Studied bookbinding, majored in graphic design at a small college in rural Virginia. After college worked in the packaging industry as a graphic artist for the obligatory ``entry-level job''. Currently working as a senior graphic designer in central Pennsylvania. Married with a daughter and a son.
..... Loves the printed word when beautiful. Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.

There are a number of other William Adams on the 'net, or in the public mindset, most notably the historical figure on whom James Clavell loosely based the protagonist of his novel Shogun. Just to be clear, I am not William Adams of Adamation (though I've always wanted a copy of their ``Who's Calling'' application), and while I was briefly willadams@delphi.com, I've not held, nor do I hold any any other willadams@foo.bar e-mail address.

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