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Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web using a NeXT while at CERN in Switzerland. Early on intended as a way to share research in high-energy physics, it has since grown to a potential which may eventually encompass much of human knowledge and experience.
..... Here is a list of sites, divided by topic which I frequently use, with some commentary explaining why.

 Search Engines 



The new standard by which all others are measured. I first learned of this in an informational e-mail by Steve Gibson of Gibson Research. Their occasional specialized logos to celebrate holidays and special occasions are especially delightful.

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Groups by Google (formally DejaNews) 

A searchable archive of usenet news, I find this invaluable as a technical research tool.

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The Online Books Page 

John Mark Ockerbloom's attempt to list all freely available electronic versions of printed texts.

 Information and News Sites 

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Slashdot (News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters) 

One of the first user-driven information / commentary / journal / log sites. While often entertaining, can also be the source of much sturm und drang.

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Scott Anguish's site for news on NeXT/OPENstep and their successor, Apple's Mac OS X.

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Type and typography news site and blog.

 Technical Reference 

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Opensource effort to create an implementation of NeXTstep.

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TjL's List of NeXTstep Info 

Home of the NeXTstep abandonware list.

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