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 A representative sample 

 including didactic pieces 

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This is a small collection of some of the work in my graphic design portfolio.
..... Pieces are arranged chronologically, with the most recent at the top and older work at the bottom (with the exception of my résumé). For the most part, the files are .pdfs and require Adobe's Acrobat software or their newer Adobe Reader program.
..... Please contact me if you would like similar work done.

Created in Zapfino 
Peace on Earth

A holiday card typeset as an example of the possibility of using the font Zapfino with the TeX variant Omega.

I am your flag 

A patriotic poem entered into the Congressional record as `author unknown', but apparently written by MSgt. Percy Webb. Laid out with Macromedia FreeHand in Robert Slimbach's Poetica Chancery typeface.

The Book of Tea - cover inset
The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo 

The classic work on the Japanese tea ceremony originally written in English by the expatriate author and later translated into Japanese as well as many other languages. Formatted using TeX (and included in the TeX Showcase), the cover is a scan of a printed copy which I bound by hand as a Japanese multi-section book. .pdf ~2.8MB.

 Website Design 

Clue Consulting shaded pencil logo
Clue Consulting 

A website designed to work on screens as small as a typical PDA.

 Didactic Work 

Typeface Terminology 

A tabloid-sized broadside (or poster) which shows and defines various typographic terms and provides references for many of them. Layout was done in Altsys Virtuoso in NeXTstep on a NeXT Cube using the first Adobe Original font, Adobe Garamond. Companion to One Typeface, Many Fonts below.

One Typeface, Many Fonts 

A small booklet set in TeX (and featured in The TeX Showcase) as a companion piece to the above. A single-sheet version for printing, folding and ``binding'' as a small ``stroke'' book is also available as a .pdf.
..... To ``bind'' the booklet, after printing fold in half (top-to-bottom), unfold, fold in half lengthwise, then fold in half and open, and fold each resulting panel in half, unfold and restore to the original fold, then cut along the inner half of the lengthwise fold, open and fold lengthwise. Then all of the pages should be folded within the front and back covers and voila! a single signature booklet.


NeXT brochure, outside and inner spread 

A student project done appropriately enough in Altsys Virtuoso, the text is set in Adobe Garamond and the heads in Paul Renner's Futura. It includes a screen grab, and review quotes on NeXTstep. See ``What's NeXT?'' for more information on this system.

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