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 Working Implements 

 to dress or impress a surface or substance 

In addition to being the creature who laughs, man makes tools. Computers and the programs which run on them are merely the latest in a long parade of devices to assist people in accomplishing their desires. Mysterious at first, this mystery often inspired a morbid curiousity about the specifics of how a particular piece of work was accomplished reminiscent of old masters sniffing each other's canvases in an attempt to discern the makeup of the pigments and binding used.
..... While some have attempted, and continue to attempt to hide away the specifics of their processes in a desire to maintain a commercial advantage, here I attempt to describe the tools and techniques which I use or have found useful.



Even with a pen slate, I find computers unreal 

I've used a lot of different computer systems and programs, the list below is a small sampling.
..... At present, it is divided into:

But will probably be further sub-divided as time goes on.


 Cover art
Fast and efficient as computers are,
a pen or pencil will always be a vital graphic design tool.

And calligraphy will always be more expressive and personal than the best script font. And the tactile qualities of paper will ensure that books, letters and invitations will continue to be printed for a very long while.
.....With that said, I am still looking forward to pen computing maturing and being even more useful.

 Cover art
Pens and Pencils 

Brause nibs, rosewood and various other pen holders, Rotring Quattro and Lettering ArtPens, Patignum fountain pens (an old, comfortably worn one with brown ink and an ``F'' italic nib is my day-to-day pen), a Waterman Phileas Fogg fountain pen (grey ink, my signature pen), an Esterbrook fountain pen (brown ink, 9555 nib for sketching, drawing and fine lines), Sakura Callipens and Pigma Brush markers and Zig Memory System Calligraphy Markers.
..... Faber Castell pencils with an integrated cover / pencil sharpener, Berol Prismacolor and Egony pencils, &c.

 Cover art

Polydron Gyro Cut, lots of X-Acto knives, and scissors.
..... Bone folder, Itoya Etona Swivel-2 stapler, countless rulers and cutting boards, various self-made accessories such as a v-frame for punching holes and lots of other stuff.

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