For more information on the Dague family, consult "The History and Genealogy of the Dague Family" written by Carrie M. Dague. The following summary is taken from information compiled by Roy Lee Peterman, Walter Roland Peterman, Bill Ricciardo and many others.
Note: We recently have obtained information that traces these ancestors back to the 1600s. Earlier Ancestors of Frederick and Andreas are now included in this page. The earliest know ancestor at present is Andreas Deegen (Deeg) (Deg) (Dague). Because there are so many Dagues by the name of Andreas, I have labled them I, II, III and IV. According to family historians, Andreas I who was a baker. He was born about 1659 in Bauschlott, Germany and died February 11, 1694. On November 25, 1677, he married Margaretha Kraussler, who was born on January 31, 1658 in Stein, Germany. She was the daughter of Hans Jacob Kraussler. They lived in Wurttemberg. Andreas II was born June 29, 1680 in Wurttemberg, Germany, and died February 28, 1750. in Weiler, Durlach, Baden; Germany. He married Anna Maria Wenk on May 16, 1706. She was the daughter of Hans Wenk. Andreas III was born January 29, 1713, in the town where they lived and Andreas II later died. On July 13, 1733, Andreas married Anna Maria Kudin who was born in Pfatzgrafenweiler, where they were married. Two of their children were the immigrants to this country. Andreas IV was born about 1734 in Germany, and Johannes Friedrich was born about 1736 in the Rheim river Valley of Germany near the French Border. These two sons were the first verified ancestors of our Dague family to arrive in the United States. Frederick and Andreas traveled up the Rhine River, to Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, where they bought a ticket on a boat bound for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ship records indicate the brothers sailed from Rotterdam, last from Portsmouth on October 3, 1753 on the Ship Eastern Branch. They arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In August, 2003; 311 descendents from 26 states gathered at the Marshall County Fairgrounds in Moundsville, WV to celebrate 250 years since the arrival of our Dague descendents. One of our cousins, Cathy Martin Koufopoulos, submitted a nice article on the reunion to the "Reunion Magazine" and it was published in the Vol. 14 No. 4 Feb/March issue of Reunions Magazione, P. O. Box 11727; Milwaukee, WI 53211-0727 Phone 414-263-4567; Fax 414-263-6331; e-mail; or web site: Subscriptions to the magazine are $9.95 for one year for single issues for $5.00 plus $1.00 shipping and handling.

Frederick who was seventeen years of age moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he purchased some land to begin farming. He married his first wife, Sophia Schmitt in the Lutheran Church at Lancaster, Pennsylvania on June 22, 1755. They had two children, Catherine and Michael. Sophia died shortly after Michael's birth and Frederich married Anna Maria Geysler on August 19, 1760 in the same church. They had met earlier on the boat that had brought them to America. They were the parents of ten children. There seems to be confusion in Carrie Dague's book. In addition to the Catherine Dague born in Lancaster in 1757, she lists another born about 5 years later and then lists another in the will as being born in 1779. Apparently, Andreas resided in the Lancaster area and remained there.

It is not clear when Frederick moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania, but tradition tells us that the two youngest children were carried, one in each end of a pack sack, on a mule's back. Earliest land records indicate Frederick paid taxes on land as early as 1781 near Lone Pine, Pennsylvania. He also owned property on Big Wheeling Creek (originally Ohio County, now Marshall County, West Virginia). Frederich and Maria are buried in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery East of Washington, Pa. Early baptismal records exist at Zehn Meilen (Ten mile) Lutheran Church and the Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Churches of Washington County, Pennsylvania.

The oldest son of Frederick and Maria, Mathias, was born on August 9, 1761 or June 25, 1761 and died April 18, 1852 is the ancestor of the Ohio Dagues. In about 1800, Mathias and his wife Elizabeth Swickard (some say she was a Glass, some records show that Elizabeth Swickard may have first married Phillip Saltsman, which does make sense) Dague and their first three children moved into Franklin County, Ohio. They had traveled from Washington, Pa by covered wagon, powered by four cows. The cows also supplied their milk and were the beginning of their beef and dairy herds. Mathias served as County Commissioner for Franklin County, Ohio. Other families who traveled to Ohio with this family were the Swiskards, the Huffmans and the Baughmans. Mathias, Jr., a farmer, married Rose Anna Rose who bore him 8 children. After her death in 1821, he married Liza Steadman who bore him four children.




John, the oldest of Mathias, Jr.'s children married Caroline Monroe who was born in Passaic, New Jersey in 1820. She was the daughter of Silas and Betsy Vreeland Monroe who had fifteen children. They were married in 1839 and later had 16 children. Twins, Wilbert and William, were born in 1858. Wilbert died at birth. William was the father of Blanche who married Francis Arthur Peterman. Mathias, Sr. is buried in Franklin County, Ohio on the Comer farm, originally the Dague family homestead, which was passed to heirs and later changed hands. The old graveyard is obliterated and the markers were used to fill in an old well which is also covered over. After John married Caroline, they lived on a parcel from the 131 acre farm formerly owned by Mathias, Jr. They moved onto this land in 1845. Their new home was most affectionately called "The Granny Lot." The home was later moved to its present location.

William Bracken Dague (our ancestor) was blind in his last days, but, even in his blindness, he was a good cook and when Blanche's home burned after the great fire, he cooked for the family. He and "Jake" Peterman were good friends but argued a lot according to accounts by Roy L. Peterman. The great fire occurred when Blanche in preparing for lunch threw kerosene on coals (which unknown to her wer hot). The kerosene ignited catching her clothes and the house on fire. Reportedly, her son Roy grabbed her and rolled her in a blanket on the ground to extinguish the flames. She was severely burned and carried the scars to her grave many years later.

NOTE: WILLIAM BRACKEN DAGUE was the father of BLANCHE VESTA DAGUE who married FRANCIS ARTHUR PETERMAN. This family may be traced at the Peterman page. I have a lot more information on the Dague family and can provide additional information upon request.

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