The Fennell Cemetery is located along Route 522 South of Front Royal on the Old Remount Station. The facility is now operated by the National Zoo. If you decide to visit this place, you will need to check in at the visitor's center or administrative building and make arrangements to visit the cemetery. The cemetery is enclosed with a stone fence and a gate in need of maintenance. The cemetery needs mowing but is not overgrown and the stones need some care. The cemetery is approximately 400 square feet in size. Several members of the Fennell Family are buried here. The Fennels reportedly ran a clothing factory for several years.

The top left picture is a picture of the cemetery looking towards Skyline Drive. The top right picture is a view of the entrance to the cemetery from outside the gate. The bottom left picture is a picture of the grave of William Hanson, I do not know his relationship. The middle picture is the grave of Hanson Fennell, son of Alexander and Catherine Fennell. He died February 12,1856. The picture on the bottom right, is that of Reuben E. Fennell (witness on Jacob's will). And his wife Vienna Russell. The stone is engraved 1798-1868. There are a few other stones which I could not readily read. However, one of them is that of William Clannahan 1827-1861.

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