This page provides information about Walt and Jean Peterman, their kindred konnections, hobbies and occupation.

Through this site, we hope to share a little of our life and interests. We would love to hear from those with similar interests. If you have need of a Square Dance caller for club dances, festivals or special one (or first)-nighters or have questions about our Camping, Church, Genealogy, Square Dancing schedules, please feel free to go to the appropriate page in our little web, or e-mail us by selecting "WEBMASTER" below, or give us a call on the phone, we would love to talk to you.

CAMPING: We started camping as a family more than 30 years ago and enjoy it very much. We organized a camping/square dancing group for monthly campouts but that has been disbanded due to lack of interest. See our Camping page.

CEMETERIES: Where Family and others are buried.

CHURCHES: Visit this page for information about our religious preferences and also for information on churches we and our ancestors attend or attended. Please feel free to visit the church web page for First United Presbyterian Church in Dale City, FUPCDC where we are members or Covenant Presbyterian Church where I am now attending. COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

GENEALOGY: We have been interested in Genealogy for some time. It is truly fascinating visiting areas where our ancestors once walked and meeting and talking to kin, wherever dispersed. We are researching the following surnames. Our information is only as accurate as the source and this web site, does not contain all of the over 70,000 records we have. If you would like to discuss any of the surnames in greater detail, please feel free to contact us. You can learn more about our family ties and research by clicking on "Genealogy" at the left. The main families we are researching are as follows: ANNON, BARTON, BON(N)IFIELD, BOYER, BRAECKE (See Vreeland), CASTER, COOK, DAGUE, DENTON, DUNCAN, DUNN, EVANS, GEYSLER, GIFFIN (GIFFEN), GREEN, HANKS, HARTMANS (See Vreeland), HARTSOCK, Himes (HEIMS), HIXSON, LATHAM, MARSHALL, MCPEEK, MEARS, MEEK, MILLER, MONROE, PECK, PETERMAN, PIETERS (See Vreeland), ROBINSON, SHARP (SHARPE), SHMITT (SCHMITT, SCHMIDT), SHOULTS (SHOULSE, SCHOULTZ, SHULLS), SMITH, SWARTZWELDER, TAYLOR, THOMAS, VARNER, VREELAND (FREELAND), WEEKLEY (WEAKLEY, WEEKLY), WILLIAMSON, WILSON (WITSON), WIMMER, WITTIG.

MY NAVY LIFE:Just a little information about my Naval Career.

REUNIONS:Information on the Big 250th Dague Reunion and a few other reunion schedules.

SQUARE DANCING: We have been square dancing for over 40 years. See our Square Dance page for further information. Walt is a Square Dance Caller, see his caller page (linked under Square Dancing) for information.

WRITINGS: A collection of writings. Some from family members and others which we particularly like.

CHILDREN - We love children (our future); especially our own, our grandchildren and great grandchildren. We had two Great-Grandsons with Batten's disease (a regressive Gene disease). Jeffrey joined the Lord on May 8, 2003 and Tevin joined them on April 21, 2004. Pictures of Jeffrey and Tevin Crissinger and others along with other information can be seen at FACES OF BATTENS.
Visit Jeffrey and Tevin's web page: JEFFREY'S PLACE.
When you think about it, little children have a rough road ahead be it medical or other challenges. We pray for each of them regularly and can't imagine what it would be like to be without any of them. We pray not only for them but for the following: MISSING CHILDREN


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Walter R. Peterman

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