The name Smith is such a common name. The Smith Surname is entwined with our family roots in so many ways,that I have chosen not to include the descendency here but rather illustrate some of the Smith's in our family. However,I will gladly check my list of Smith names for any possible connections for other researchers. The only Smith which I find as a direct ancestor is Samuel Smith who was born in the 1700s and died abt 1822. He married Mary Riddle and they were the parents of Nancy Smith born about 1792. Nancy married David Evans. They were the parents of Caroline Evans 1817-1903 who married Alfred Dunn. They were the parents of Sarah Dunn who married John William Weekley, Sr. (my great grandparents). The earliest Smith appearing in my data, was Andrew Smith, Sr. born about 1670. His son Jonathan 1711-1791 married Anna Hixon who was born about 1713 in New Jersey. Another Smith, Ludwig was born about 1750 married Susannah Schreiber and they lived in the Frederick Maryland area. This familiy appears to be related to some of the Dague descendents, not my families line. Finaly, my Great Grandfather was Jacob Smith Peterman. I have not been able to determine where the Smith is derived from but his Grandfather was Jacob S. Peterman. Could his middle name have been Smith? If so,why? And why was Smith the middle name for Jacob Smith Peterman?

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