Our ancestor is Phoebe Taylor who married Richard Meek ca 1790. We have not done any research on this family.

Descendants of Phoebe Taylor


Generation No. 1

1. PHOEBE1 TAYLOR died Abt. 1850. She married RICHARD MEEK in OH or PA, son of SAMUEL MEEK. He was born Abt. 1790.



                i.              PHOEBE CATHERINE2 MEEK/MEEKS, b. April 29, 1813, Ohio; d. February 16, 1881, Ontario, Boone (Storey) IA; m. JESSE ABRAHAM WALKER, February 19, 1835, (Coshocton) OH; b. March 04, 1803, PA; d. May 20, 1874, Ontario, Story County, Iowa.


Burial: Ontario, Story Co., Iowa

Note: See Tombstone records of Story Co., Iowa Page 310A


From Transcript of the Walker Family History written by Nellie Worrell Hitsman on September 30th, 1933

Jesse Abram Walker was born in Pennsylvania, and his wife, Phoebe Catherine Meeks, was born in Ohio. They must have been married in Ohio and had most of their children there, then came to Iowa in an early day. Grandfather was always poor and lived on a small place not his own. He worked for who ever needed a hand. He died in July or August 1870 or 1872. Over-heated or a sun stroke, in the hot weather. Grandmother died 10 or 12 years later, the winter I was 18. It was her third stroke. Both of them are buried in the Ontario, Iowa, Cemetery. Grandfather was a deacon in the Ontario Christian Church. Their children:

Mary Elizabeth Walker married Marmion Vest and had 7 children. Eldoren, Will, Ollie, Belle, Jennie, Arthur, and Ada.

Asa Walker enlisted in the Civil War and died at Benton Barracks, Missouri, from the measles. unmarried.

Jane Walker also died single. She had a sweetheart named Wood Baldwin.

Nancy Walker, my mother, married William Worrell. She was born in 1842 and died in California in 1929. Their children were, Nellie, Ed, Laura, Willie, Libbie, Hattie, Bert, Arthur, and Harry. My brother, Willie, left home many years ago, when he was 18 or 19. We never heard where he was or what became of him.

Lavina Walker married Christopher Frank Gibson and had 5 children. Edith May Palmer, Sarah Frances, Ida, G. Albert, and Jessie. All dead except G. Albert of near Madrid and May Palmer in Des Moines. (1933).

Henry Walker married Hattie Albright. Lived in Ogden. Henry was shot by a negro at Frasier, Iowa about 1904. They had 8 children. Mary, Elsie, Delbert (Bud), Harriett, Mildred, Cassie, John, and Vera. Cassie married John Northway, an old stage driver. their children, Minnie, Delbert, Asa, and Bertha.

John M. Walker married Lottie Cameron. They had one son, Delbert, single. Uncle John died the same day as my mother, May 15, 1929. Amanda Ellen Walker married Charles Webb. She died and left a young baby. He was out West in Colorado the last I heard. The Baby, died, I think.

The older ones are all dead. There are lots of cousins scattered around everywhere. My Mother and Uncle John were the last two of this generation. Uncle John died at 3:00 PM and mother at 9:30 PM, May 15, 1929. John in Wisconsin and Mother in California. Strange things happen. I always thought a lot of my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Aunt Mandy was 15 when I was 9, she used to dress me up and curl my hair on rags. I stayed there quite a lot. Uncle John was 18 or 19. Uncle Henry older, but unmarried then.


Burial: Ontario, Story Co., Iowa

Note: See Tombstone records of Story County, Iowa page 310A

Religion: Ontario Iowa Christian Church. Deacon

                ii.             SAMUEL MEEK, b. Bet. 1813 - 1815; d. April 20, 1871; m. ELIZABETH BOTTS, October 15, 1835, (Coshocton) OH; b. 1817.

                iii.            CHARITY MEEK, b. 1816; m. HENDERSON WINDER, (Coshocton) OH; b. Bet. 1813 - 1814; d. May 27, 1865.

                iv.            JOHN MEEK, b. February 13, 1819; d. January 10, 1907; m. SARAH *UNKNOWN.

                v.             WILLIAM MEEK, b. 1824; m. MARY *UNKNOWN.

                vi.            DAVID MEEK, b. May 16, 1827, (Coshocton) OH; d. 1900, Fallsbury Twp (Licking) OH; m. (1) CATHERINE VARNER, 1850; b. August 30, 1829, Fallsbury, Licking, OH; d. April 07, 1853, Fallsbury Twp (Licking) OH (Black Run); m. (2) PRISCILLA PHILLIPS, 1862, (Licking) OH; b. September 1830, (Licking) OH; d. March 1914, Fallsbury Twp (Licking) OH.

                vii.           MARIAH MEEK, b. October 12, 1827; d. October 03, 1906; m. (1) *UNKNOWN; m. (2) JOHN J. COOPER, November 11, 1851, (Greene) IN; b. March 31, 1832; d. February 26, 1912.

                viii.          RICHARD MEEK, b. November 30, 1832; d. August 19, 1882; m. (1) ELIZABETH PORTER; b. 1837; d. May 26, 1880, 43y -m 4d; m. (2) HARRIETT VARNER, Bet. 1850 - 1859; b. January 18, 1833, Fallsbury, Licking, OH; d. 1875.


Burial: Fallsburg Cemetery


Burial: Fallsburg Cemetery

                ix.            ELIZA A. MEEK, b. 1834; d. 1901; m. RILEY ALEXANDER MANSFIELD, Bet. 1800 - 1899; b. March 10, 1838, (Coshocton) OH.

                x.             MARY (ALVERIA) MEEK, b. 1836.

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