Truro Cemetery is located in/near Brice in Franklin County, Ohio. It is co-located with another cemetery and it is maintained and fenced although many stones are missing. There is no cemetery marker.


The top two cemetery pictures were taken in 1979 and the bottom two pictures were taken in 1997.

In the above pictures taken in 1997, a sandstone grave marker badly worn by the elements of time has two letters in the upper corners "J" & "P". Could this be the stone of our ancestor Jacob S. Peterman? A Patterson is also believed to have been buried here. The small stone on the bottom also has the initials J. P. on it, but I believe it was associated with another stone. No other stone was found bearing his name or that of his wife, Martha Castor.

The following family members are buried in this cemetery, although no markers were found except as indicated above.

Jacob S. Peterman b. 1/15/1789 d. 7/28/1867
Martha Castor b. ca 1795 d.

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