Thrall invites you!
Thrall Invites You to the First Scientific Conference inside WoW!
May 9-11,
3 scientific
followed by
Convergence of the Real and the Virtual Lok'tar!
Blood &
the Sunwell!
WIKI Material related to the conference.
Scientists, We Need Your Swords!
Location: Earthen Ring US realm (help for Europeans).

With 10,000,000 subscribers, World of Warcraft is the dominant Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), and it may be the most significant virtual world, as well.

The article from Science:
"The Scientific Potential of Virtual Worlds"

Blizzard Entertainment's official WoW site::
World of Warcraft Community

Selected BBC stories about World of Warcraft:
"The high cost of playing Warcraft"
"Fantasy fuels games with finances"
"Virtual game is a 'disease model'"
"Gamers explain Warcraft's appeal"
"Warcraft sets gaming standards"
"A walk in the World of Warcraft"

WoW information sources useful for science:
The Armory group and character database
WoWWiki online encyclopedia
Atlas of virtual territory maps
Zooming maps with data overlays
Wowhead leading database of in-WoW things
Thottbot popular database
Allakhazam database
WoWinsider WoW-related blogs
The Instance weekly WoW podcast
Warcraft Realms character census data
Lua programming language used in add-ons (mods)
Cosmos collection of add-on programs
Auctioneer auction price add-on
Project Azeroth WoW simulated languages project

Organizers' websites:
Bill - William Sims Bainbridge
John - John Bohannon