Barbara Constance Bainbridge

February 17, 1943 - May 14, 1965

in the

She was the
daughter of



With her brother, in front
of their eighteenth century
home in Bethel, Connecticut,
where they lived until 1950.
In the sandbox her father
built, July 8, 1945.

Sunday School

With her brother

Summer Camp

Making marionettes at Little Wohelo in Maine, 1952. A generation earlier, her father had attended Timanous, which like Wohelo, had been founded by Luther Gulick. Her grandfather had met the Gulicks, a family of missionaries, back in 1879 when he accompanied his parents on a tour of missions around the world.

Lucas Point

On stairs to
side porch of
16 Cove Road,
Old Greenwich,
Connecticut, where
her family moved
January 10, 1950.
With Margo Rogers,
daughter of her
parents' friends
from Bethel.

The Cove

In the

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Her mother's family used to
own a beach-front summer
home here, built on pilings
to protect it from storms.

This trip, in the early 1950s,
was taken after they sold
the home.


With her uncle,
Father Max Rohn,
at his Episcopal
church in

Seventh Grade

Old Greenwich

At Mystic Seaport

After her family bought
their first yacht, in the
mid-1950s, they would cruise
Long Island Sound every
summer, sleeping in the
spacious cabin and stopping
at ports from Riverside
to Block Island.

Going to a Formal Dance

In the library at
Lucas Point, when many
Christmas cards decorated
the bookcases.

December 27, 1960

Connecticut Playmakers

Singing "Blow, Gabriel, Blow" in Connecticut Playmakers. She was master painter for the 1961 production of Bell, Book and Candle," and the program said: "CONNIE BAINBRIDGE is well qualified for her job as Master Painter after having painted sets for three or four years in the Summer Youth Festival productions. Although a new Playmaker, Connie has already contributed in several different ways. She played Snooks and was a member of the chorus in Anything Goes and was Assistant Stage Manager for Mr. Roberts and also for our last Christmas play, A Christmas Carol."


The Village Gazette
Old Greenwich, Connecticut,
Thursday, May 20, 1965, page 5.

Constance Bainbridge was born in Bridgeport. She was a student at Old Greenwich Elementary School. She attended Greenwich High School but left in her senior year because of illness. Her debut was made in June, 1961, at the Greenwich Debutante Ball. She was active with the Connecticut Playmakers and served as manager of the Cosmetics Department at the Village Pharmacy.

Portrait, June 1961

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