About Us

We are avid cave explorers and we specialize in teaching new cavers about caves, and caving safely and responsibly. Cheryl is an artist who likes to work in clay, copper and watercolor. Earl has played the 5 string bluegrass banjo for almost 35 years. Cheryl is an art teacher with a master's degree in art education. Earl worked 23 years in the Ocean City MD government, first as a seasonal police dispatcher, then in the water treatment plants. After being a paramedic and emergency department technician in his 20's Earl is now a Radiologic Technologist with ARRT and licensed in VA, and WV.

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Caves We Are Qualified to Lead Trips to:

          Sinnett - Thorn Cave   

Hamilton Cave

 Trout Cave

Flower Pot Cave

Kee Cave

Eliza Davis Cave

Ogden's Cave

Marshall's Cave

Bowden Cave

The Culverson Creek System

The Sinks of Gandy

Stillhouse Cave

Jone's Quarry Cave

Cave Rat Cave

Sites Cave

Elkhorn Mountain Cave

Mystic Cave

Sharp's Cave

Billy Clay Pit

Lightner's Entrance to McClung's

Whiting's Neck


We are currently learning Paxton's, Porter's, Crossroads and others.