So what is "dadiOH's dandies" anyway?

Just a "help" file...with information about how to record vinyl and cassettes to your to turn them into to make them into audio CDs to play on any CD player or into "MP3" CDs that will play on any computer or hardware device capable of decoding them.

It gives you all the basic information you need and it includes links to websites that will give you more advanced information. It also includes links to numerous programs to help you do these things. There are a number of links to non-music programs as well.


In addition, there is a "how to" section explaining some pretty neat programs...programs that can help you make your computer easier to make it work the way you want it make your life simpler. Still another section deals with a few tips and tricks for Windows; again, things to make computer life a bit easier.


So, wanna check out the contents?  Ready to get it now? OK. You have two choices...

Note for Vista users only - Microsoft removed the ability to read help (*.hlp) files from Vista. In order to read them, you can get the necessary file from Microsoft

For the Latest Version...

A. Get it in a zip file...smaller download (612 KB) but you'll need a program like WinZip to extract the files. Instructions for using the extracted files are in the "readme" in the zip.

B. If you don't have a zip program, you can still get it but you'll have to go through some minor machinations.  For some reason unknown to me Verizon no longer serves the files properly.  By that I mean that instead of recognizing the proper file extension and downloading the files Verizon irritatingly thinks they are HTML files and opens them in your browser showing you a bunch of garbled characters.  The way to get around that is...

  1. Right click the links below

  2. Select "Save target as..." 

  3. Change the extension part of the file name

        a) for the help file, change HTM to HLP

         b) for the contents file, change HTM to CNT 

Just the  help file (723 KB)...that won't include the Windows "contents" file but there is an indexed front page and an index. To use the file, just put it in a folder and click on it. Making a shortcut from it to your desktop would give easier access. If you want the Windows "contents" file too it is a small download. Just put it in the same folder as the "help" file and it will be used automatically.


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